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Wheel of Time Chapter Icons

Every reader of The Wheel of Time is aware that each chapter of the series has a graphical icon associated with it. These icons provide hints as to who or what will be shown in the chapter to come.

You can also view these icons in our Gallery, and learn more about their significance.

Shown below are the chapter icons that have been included in the series, in no particular order:

a'dam Aes Sedai Aiel The Blight Cairhien Ruby Hilted Dagger Mat's Dice The Dragon Dragon Fang World of Dreams Elephant Fish Hand & Sword Thom's Harp Hawk Lan's Helmet Heron-marked Sword Horn of Valere Horse Lanfear Avendesadora Leaf Leaves Lion of Andor Mice Cadsuane's ornaments Portal Stone Ravens Gareth Bryne's Bull Seafolk Seanchan Helmet The Forsaken Triangle square Moiraine's Staff Stag Star Sword & Anchor Flame of Tar Valon Tree of Life Dark Tree Trollocs Waves The Wheel of Time Whitecloaks Perrin's wolf Women Channelers The Broken Web
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