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  1. What is your most controversial opinion?

    I might quibble with this on the edges, but on the whole a agree at least when it involves individuals within the same country or society.
  2. What is your most controversial opinion?

    ecause you are not God. Your idea of "social justice'" may be considered anthing else by those who you force to act in ways you approve of. But it this way, you would likely be appalled by my belif in what is social justice. You azre not free to impose your belief of social justice on me for the same reason you would not like being forced to uphold my idea of social justice. By the way FaIRNESS, is not an idea to run a society on as again because I can guaranteed that my concept of fairness would be repugnant to you. As John F. Kennedy is said to have voiced "the world is not fair, and nothing we can do will make it so.
  3. What is your most controversial opinion?

    "To say that we somehow deserve this wealth and safety better than others, and thus should keep them away from our countries, is morally wrong in every aspect of the word. What did you do to "deserve" to be born in the US? Nothing. You just were." You are quite free to give away all your wealth to those who you believe deserve it more. You are not free to insist that others have to give up their wealth for your concept of social justice. "What did you do to "deserve" to be born in the US? Nothing. You just were." I was not born in the US I am an immigrant and I will always be thankful to my parents and the US for bringing/allowing me in the US. However, I recognize that I had no right to be allowed in. I am thankful that at the time the US believed the immigration of my parents was a net positive to the American Society. But things, change, there are two many poor and underemployed Americans today to have the type of wide open immigration that is allowed today. Also while Norway has quite a socialist economy (again based greatly on your oil reserves) the same is not true in Iceland for instance which has both quite a developed social welfare net and a robust capitalist economy. So even in Scandinavia the Soicalist model you preach is not universally accepted. Also we are talking about countries with quite homogenius populations and rather small ones ranging from some 350,000 in Iceland to around 10 million in Sweeden which makes for a much more manageable situation. Also like to note that while 16% of Norway is said to be immigrants (includes children of immigrants) the three top immigrant groups are Poles, Lithuanians and Swedes as compared to the US where there are some 20 million illegals and roughly i million legal immigrints entering the country (for the last 20 years) most of these uneducated, unskilled workers who do not speak the languague.
  4. What is your most controversial opinion?

    "The problem with your argument is that Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland have the same kind of system. And they have no gigantic oil fund." Icleland and Finland have nowhere the same level of affluence as the others. Denmark has decidedly changed it's policies towards immigrints in the last few years (went as far as taking adds in Syrian newspapers saying immigrints would not be welcome). Those countries also have historicly had a very homogenius population that has influenced your socialist ideals. As you grow more hetrogenious that will start to break down (if for no other reason then peer pressure and societal expectations play much less an important role in personal conduct in hetrogenius socieities.
  5. What is your most controversial opinion?

    El Salvador and Haiti. It should be noted that the the rebels in El Salvador killed civilians at a 2-1 ratio as compared to the militias or even the death squads. The problems of El Savador today especially the violence have very little connection to the Civil War and much more to the fact that the country is overrun by gangs (many of whose members are former rebles). As for Haiti, Yes the US did interfear in 1915. But it also interfeared in many countries around the same time including the Dominican Republic who shares the island of Hispanola with Haiti. While the Dominican Republic has many problems compared to Haiti it's a paradise (that is even true when you examine the fact that it has suffered from US Interference far more then Haiti. Haiti has also recieved billions of dollars of aid from the US and other countries since the earth quake, almost all of such aid has been squandered. Lastly, one of the arguments that liberals in the US make for allowing illegals from Haiti and El Salvador to remain in the US is that the acknowledge that those countries are shitholes and it would be cruel to make the illegals return to such countries. So , let's at least be consistent either we admit that those countries are shitholes and discuss whehter illegals from those countries should be given a break and allowed to stay in the US or we refute the claim that those countries are the least desirable places to live in the world and treat illegals from such countries equally with those from other countries.
  6. What is your most controversial opinion?

    "I think the key is to make the greater good, YOUR good. Iow., if you profit off the society being fair, then you will work to that end. The Scandinavian countries, one of which I live in, are good examples of this, I think. If you work and pay taxes, you get in return health care when you and your family need it, an ensured education for your children, and so forth. That means that you benefit from what benefits the public. The exception, of course, is for the very rich who can afford that stuff anyways, but luckily we 1) don't have that many people of that caliber in Norway and 2) some of our super rich are also social democrats, and support the welfare system that we have." The Socialist in Norway has been fueled and paid for by the countries Oil Reserves. As those Reserves begin to dwindle the government has already begun to examine how it can maintain the high average wealth of Norwegians and the only real choice they have come up with is a return to Capitalism and market forces. As for Capitalism per se, it is of course a flawed system , however it's still the only economic system that increases the overall wealth of society. The owners of Walmart are by and large the children of Sam Walton who founded the company and investers who invested in the company. The company employees several hundred thousand people most of which have few if any marketable skills they did not learn while employed in at Walmart. So reality is either such people are employed by companies like Walmart and get paid for the value they bring to the company or they are unemployed, go on the dole and become a burdon to the greater society.
  7. What is your most controversial opinion?

    Greed for lack of a better word is a good thing. You build Apple. microsoft, etc. because you want to be the tops. Money at that level is a poker chip. Without the incentive to become filthy rich the common man would not have a job. You have a right not to starve, not to live in voerty or die of preventable diseases what you do not have is the right to force me to may for your "rights".
  8. NFL Discussion

    "it can be attributed in large part to a roster that includes two All-Pros and two players who made the Pro Bowl" So 4 guys who are good enough to be one of the 50 or so all-pro, pro-bowl players? Vikings have not won anything, they at best have potential. Like I said they resurrect the 1970 team then come talk to me.
  9. What is your most controversial opinion?

    However, unpleasant Trump was quite accurate in calling much of the third world a Sh*tHole. Wealth distribution is thievery.
  10. NFL Discussion

    Yia, well, when you can resurrect Joe Capp and the old viking defense call me, untill then Vikings are just the least of the NFC Central Division.
  11. NFL Discussion

    And the Vikings would like to be Trash instead of a none entity.
  12. NFL Discussion

    Patriots v. Saints Saints win
  13. IQ tests

    "They have a more math-focused education system, all the way from elementary. Is their education level taken into account? It is becoming rare these days to find someone who never ever went to school." Such things actually are taken into account. Comparing apples to apples, poor rural people whether, Southeast Asian, White European, Subsharan African or Latin America the IQ differences persist. Rural, poor chinese from the hinterland do not enjoy the benefits of the expanded educational oppertunities available to their more urban richer cousins, still their scores persistlenty are higher then other groups.
  14. IQ tests

    OlwenaSedai your explaination does not take into account fact that the supposedly Biased IQ tests significantly show that East Asians and not whites are at the top of the pecking order. Moreover, these results remain even though many Southeast Asians are comparatively poor. Now how is a test culturally biased when it's results consistently show that Southeas Asians have in general IQ's 5-10 points above European whites?
  15. IQ tests

    "If Latin america teaches america's version of the events, then I'd say that's american western propaganda work at it's finest. " That is rather idiotic statement. First since Columbus had a much more direct impact on many Latin Countries they are quite aware of both Columbus as a person and as a figure that whose efforts began a historical epoch that profound impact on the region. And further and more generally, are you somehow confused? The vast majority of Latin Societies perceive themselves to be "western", direct inheriters of Christianity, European culture and western thought.