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  1. Rand loves ALL three of them. And they know that he loves them. However.... I believe that for his own personal sanity, that Rand needs Min just a bit more than Elayne or Aviendha. :)
  2. Those are all good & valid points, which I do agree with, however, on the subject of being a blademaster, lets consider this. The Aiel are well known for being the best fighters, generally speaking. Yet, al`Lan Mandragoran is one of the few wetlanders whom can, and is able, to defeat more than a couple Aiel in melee combat at once. Also, look at every time that Lan has interacted with any other Warder. Remember, the warders are among the best trained swordsmen in all of the wetlands, right? Every time Lan interacts with other warders, they always treat him with the highest respect, and even defer to him. I believe that a large reason for this is that he is the best blademasters of all of the warders.
  3. I like Min the best, and I believe that Rand loves Min just a bit more than he loves Elayne or Aviendha. Man, what a lucky guy, he has three hot and beautiful women in love with him. :D
  4. Without a doubt, there is no one in Randland whose skill with the blade even comes close to matching al`Lan Mandragoran. The entire Aiel nation, as well as every warder out there gives Lan the kind of respect and honor that clearly indicates the admiration for the best blademaster, and the best Warder out there.
  5. Interesting theory there about Rolan, and Min's vision for Berelain. .. But I think that Rolan is as dead as a doornail. His skull was crushed by Perrin's hammer, for light's sake. However, I believe that this man in white for Berelain could be Elayne's brother, (don't remember his name right now :( ) whom is now a Lord Commander of the whitecloaks.
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