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  1. She was freed from it in the sense that she was given it to wear. So long as no one else is wearing it, they can't control her. But if it's broken presumably she's in bad shape.
  2. As we already said, there is a logical explanation; there were hints she had an affair with her Warder. So it's not the viewing that is the problem; it's the idea that being a Compelled love slave somehow fits. The words come with the viewing, so misinterpretation probably wasn't in it. Some have argued that, because she saw that viewing around Alivia, rather than around Rand, that her proclamation that Alivia would help him die wasn't as ironclad as it would have been if she had seen Rand's death in a viewing of Rand, but that viewing in particular sparked an argument over the words that came with the viewing. Min said Alivia was going to kill him, and Rand reminded her that the words that came with the viewing were that Alivia was going to help him die, which was different.
  3. The words were 'tempestuous love affair', which doesn't fit Compulsion at all.
  4. I slipped that bit into the database a few days ago; I was wondering who would find it first. I didn't know Loialson had finally mentioned it. If you look at Loialson's report in the database (which I transcribed from his audio recording), Brandon went into some more detail there. He asked us to take that bit out until after AMOL came out.
  5. Are you sure it wasn't the True Source (another name for the One Power)? I can't find this error in the book. I don't have the hardcopy to look this up, so I was wondering if it was a mistake by Michael Kramer, who was reading at the time. Audio error. It's correct in the book. Perhaps they were working from an earlier draft, though. THIS! So annoying, possible the worst part of the whole book, I knew she was dead before I read her death scene. Glad it wasn't just me. But it was "Egwene died."
  6. I loved the ambiguity of the ending, but I do think it could have been done in such a way that didn't drive fans crazy. That would have been in the set-up, though, and the set-up we were given seemed crammed in almost as an afterthought. It didn't have the subtle hints that have always generated fan discussion.
  7. If sealing him away to where he has no influence on the world whatsoever doesn't force people to be good, then how can killing him force people to be good? The logic is dumb. But then, that applies to a lot of real world religions too...
  8. The words come with the viewing; that's in the books. I don't see any reason to believe it had anything to do with Compulsion.
  9. RJ said all prophecies would be fulfilled unless the Wheel was broken. There are two exceptions: Dreams, which are only possibilities, and prophecies that were given after the Pattern began falling apart. Brandon slipped one of those in because RJ apparently didn't: Min's viewing of two dead men, one of which turned out not to be dead after all. Brandon verified that dark prophecies are just as legitimate as Light prophecies.
  10. Did we see any of Non-Forsaken use that power? The wards? Rand used them (see TFOH "Jangai Pass" among others) and also knew how to counter them (see ACOS "A Crown of Swords").
  11. Brandon has said that in RJ's last days, Maria interviewed him extensively about the characters and how they end up, with special attention on the more important characters. Peter said that these notes were not contradicted. In some cases that leaves room for interpretation, but IMO not in this one. But at the same time, no one has yet come forth to reassure us with a straight answer. I do think it was probably planned by RJ, for several reasons, some of which have to do with his little ex-girlfriend revenge fantasy which was evident even before Egwene died, and more mundanely a need for important character deaths for conflict, but mostly I think it was planned because of her Arthurian parallels. It's all backwards, but it's all there. Guinevere didn't actually die at the stake, but Egwene died in a fire of sorts by drawing too much of the Power. Her body was vaporized. Gawyn's death preceded her pyre, and led to it by causing her own rage, as opposed to Gawain being led into a rage by the pyre scene. Egwene was abbess of the convent before her pyre, not after. It's very much in fitting with how RJ did things: the connections are obvious, but at the same time, they're not even close to being the same story.
  12. I think this one is pretty obvious. Gawyn marries her, and it leads to his death. If he hadn't married her, he would have lived a long life.
  13. You might say that's how Romanda bit it. Cadsuane had a better perimeter plan at the Cleansing that helped her to target people, but to be fair it wasn't really explained and there were a few questions raised as to the logistics of it, with her own people out there.
  14. The second part reads more like a hint that it will be included or an Aes Sedai answer than anything that supports what you're saying. I said it was 'somewhat reasonable'; I didn't say it was intuitively obvious, nor did I say I agreed with it. You have to be quick. At least, mine lags a bit and there's a second where you can copy the code after you click the quote/post button, but then it interprets the code, and anything you copy will just show up as an HTML-like blockquote.
  15. It was in the TOM glossary. There were also a couple of decisive hints in TOM itself, but if you didn't catch them, there was the glossary.
  16. No, that was before their marriage so that can't be the fulfillment. (It maybe could have been if they had never married, but since they did marry, that can't be the fulfillment.) When I asked Brandon about this at JordanCon 2011, that's what he said: that it mirrored Min's viewing that had Gawyn either kneeling to Egwene or breaking her neck. He said that if Gawyn hadn't showed up and killed the Bloodknives, Egwene would have died. But when I pointed out to him that the fork dream was about Gawyn's death, not Egwene's, and asked him if, knowing that, he would answer differently, he never answered. So the fork Gawyn chose was marriage to Egwene, and it led to his death. If he had not married her, he would have lived a long life. The end of the dream made it fairly clear he would choose marriage. Egwene (and thus we) just didn't know whether marriage would save him from death or lead to his death.
  17. Yeah, that did happen at Dumai's Wells. They made a bunch of gateways into the middle of the whole mess, and lots of people/horses got sliced because of it.
  18. This and this were both while he was working on the book, so it's a somewhat reasonable assumption to make.
  19. I am losing track of where I say stuff. Somewhere (apparently not here) I made the point that they wouldn't necessarily have been happy to learn about their history, any more than the Aiel were. The Voice seems to have been a predominantly Aiel talent, and the Tinkers have bred it out. Oh well. Time without end.
  20. It wasn't a prophecy. And while Rand could fill in the holes of their forgotten history, I'm not so sure they would be happy about it, any more than the Aiel were. Especially seeing as how the Voice appears to have been a predominantly Aiel talent...and the Tinkers have bred out the blood...
  21. 4 - We've known men can sense women holding the power from almost the start of the series, Rand would get goosbumps when Egwene or Elain held the power. I thought Rand got goosebumps when a woman channeled near him, not when they held the OP. Nope, he gets them when women are just holding the Power. This was demonstrated in TSR "Hard Heads" (Egwene and Elayne) and again in LOC with the Aes Sedai emissaries. And other times, but those two are the most memorable. I do believe, however, that Mat's medallion only goes cold when someone actually channels. Terez, is this a 'man' power or just a Dragon's power? Did we see any other instances of this being proven aside from Rand? Just curious because I'm correcting things I thought that were incorrect :D It's a man thing. Another example is Sammael and Graendal, LOC 6. It's not the first time it's happened in the series. The Forsaken Travel directly to each other's abodes in the early books, and Rand Traveled directly to Mat's tent once. It's implied that there is some skill involved, but it's never explained. It's also implied that it's easier to do this when making gateways a short distance.
  22. Well, what Brandon was trying to say is that even if they heard a growing song, they wouldn't recognize it. Like Loial said in TEOTW: And I'm sure that Rand and the Ogier were both singing growing songs. The Nym gave those songs more power, but I doubt the songs are different in nature.
  23. Not sure why people are wondering about Mat's second death? Nothing to say he should have died twice...
  24. In the TOM prologue, he thinks to himself that he needs a new name, partly because he is both Mordeth and Fain (so it's wrong for him to think of himself as either and not the other), and partly because he has transcended both Mordeth and Fain with his new powers. There were some fan guesses about what his new name would be...
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