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  1. I begin to dislike her when she tagged along with Perrin on his way back home, she was very self centered and manipulative. I hated her when she got jealousy of Min, she later was not happy about Morgase hiding her true identity which is a thing she would probably also do in a similar situation. 

  2. 19 minutes ago, jsbrads said:

    Yeah Sabio, Shaido were always like that. First meet with Couladin? He was their chosen leader, not some rando.

    Yeah, Chad some people on the light side are annoying. I’m guessing you never read any of the Darkies talking? They are all annoying.

    #TeamNarg ?

    Yes, but them being annoying is expected I guess, I think another point made by RJ is that if all people behave like that selfishly, the Dark One wins without having to fight at all.

  3. Hi guys, first post here, glad to see all the book lovers as a community. 


    I’m coming out as a dark friend. I started rooting for the dark one when people became stupidly self righteous or power thirsty, they either think they should lead the final war against the dark one or too busy playing the game of thrones to think about the real threat. I wanted to scream so much while reading Elayne and Eg’s paths to be leaders of their realms, sometimes because of their own stupidity, sometimes because of people around them.


    Anybody played RDR2? Cadsuane sound like Dutch to me saying all the time “I have a plan!”


    Tell me what do you think, did you like anyone from the dark side of hate anyone from the light side? Ever considered of turning on our protagonists?

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