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  1. Personally, I was quite shocked reading Egwene's memory. She sounds so detached. As if she doesn't care whether Rand did something to be proud of or not. At least, the way I read it, she realized she is not proud of Rand's action that she's contemplating. For me, that doesn't bode well. As if she's going to decide to do something fully opposite to whatever Rand is going to suggest/plan.



    Holy crap, THROW IT AWAY RIGHT NOW ARE YOU CRAZY. …Wait, stupid question.

    True Power or dreamspike




    True Power is a very good guess. The last remark says this is about Rand who is still crazy. Dreamspikes are not inherently evil but TP is. Using it will lead to ruination for sure.



    The dominion band? Because it the only way to link a crazy rand into a circle? And is in line with the two women - one man linking with a woman in control to work callandor?



    PS references got lost in editing




    Hey, don’t you know you’ll go blind if you do that? Heh heh.

    Hmm, could be a cryptic reference to an orgiastic scene of Ogiers treesinging some plant and pollinating the ground in front of them. Well, that or Tuon "experimenting" with her body for the first time.





    Where I come from, this would refer to a man going blind, not a woman....




    Usually yes, but other than Tuon there doesn't seem anyone "innocent" enough to make a joke out of it. Olver is a bit too young I think, he's what nine?


    Well, considering Olver's boob-obsession I'm not convinced that he's too young to explore anything. However, he wouldn't obviously have heard about the blindness side effects either.

    I'm musing on suitable males, but I have to admit there are not that many clear culprits around. In extension of the church, white cloaks seems likely. But Galad?????





    Oh, yeah. I was wondering when they would show up. Not that I’m particularly thrilled that they’re here, of course.

    Sharans? God I hope not...


    I thought maybe the red veiled aiel.




    Or simply the Saenchan?




    Hey, don’t you know you’ll go blind if you do that? Heh heh.

    Hmm, could be a cryptic reference to an orgiastic scene of Ogiers treesinging some plant and pollinating the ground in front of them. Well, that or Tuon "experimenting" with her body for the first time.




    Where I come from, this would refer to a man going blind, not a woman....


    Lots of theories on memory #10 but I still don't see a completely satisfactory one.


    • Luckers' idea that it's Lanfear speaking to Rand sarcastically right after she balefires him. This would explain everything including the promise to meet in a dream soon (Rand is supposed to serve her before and after death according to the first Dark prophecy). But it really doesn't sound like her.  There would be at least one mention of Lews Therin in there somewhere if that was Lanfear.
    • Somebody is speaking to a Hero of the Horn shortly after the LB is over and the Heroes go back to TAR. The problem is that the HoH follow the precepts and stay away from visitors once they are in TAR.
    • The only exception is Birgitte. But she doesn't fit either because the person speaking is addressing the air. If Birgitte dies she will leave a body behind and won't just vanish.
    • Elayne speaking to Birgitte in TAR after Birgitte dies. Elayne addressing Birgitte in such a formal manner? No way. And why is she speaking to the air?
    • The speaker is the one dying and it's an Aiel, in which case "until I dream again" means "until I'm reborn again". But why are they addressing air then and not a real person in this case? And why would they expect to meet whoever they are speaking to in their next life? neither makes sense.
    • The action takes place in TAR, whoever the speaker is addressing just died and their body disappeared from TAR which is why the speaker is addressing the air. But again the "until I dream again" part doesn't work whether or not the speaker is an Aiel.
    • a conversation between two characters (Siuan and Moiraine were suggested) after one of them dies normally and "until I dream again" just means an ordinary dream and neither TAR, nor a rebrith. Quite sure that's not it. This is not how things work in WoT.  The phrasing is  wrong  too. If this were the meaning the speaker should have said "I'll be dreaming of you" or something like that or at least clarify what they meant.


    You forgot a less bloody option:

    • nobody dies: it is the thought of one person in TAR (I'd guess Egwene), left behind after a crucial conversation with another person who just stepped out of TAR or at least moved place. The latter might be one of the aiel wise ones, Elayne, ...


    "And farewell to you, old friend," she said to the air. "Until I dream again."




    I think it's Eg to somebody, in my head it's said in a gentler way than how the Aiel speak.



    I thought exactly the same; how about Verin as a Hero in TAR? She would fit the old friend part, I'd say.

    Though, if it's in TAR there is absolutely no need that it involves anyone being dead. It just implies a physical distance between the two people, such that they only meet when in TAR.

  7. Not sure my last post got through:


    Never to do violence; with the Dutch soccer referee, who was kicked to death this weekend, in mind. I really don't mind lying that much.


    But... what about the choice between forcing all of us to swear:


    never to lie?


    never to forge weapons for others to use? - As background info: I'm living in Switzerland where people voted recently in favour of selling weapons to basically anyone able to pay, since it bolstered the national economy.

  8. Hmm, I've thought about it some more (like 5 whole wine-soaked minutes), and I think the whole situation with Tuon/Mat/Elaida extremely likely. The last we've seen of Tuon, she completely denies being a potential channeler herself. At the same time, she has seen from Joline and co how useful a warder bond can be if you want to control your pet. Thus, I believe it very likely that she'll try to bond Mat, and that it's equally likely that she will channel through a damane to do so.


    In those 5 minutes I've also realized I would be a horrible captured damane; it would take forever for me to remember my new name and my suldam would have to suffer through waves of indirect doubt: 'it was rosie, no, chica, no, kore, no, it rhymed with blabla...'

  9. true, I forgot about the medallion; truth be told, I would never ever take that off amongst a bunch of unpredictable seanchan... Though I could imagine that Tuon can trick him to take it off to show/protect her. I would actually love to read such a scene. I mean, what would you expect to happen when bonding someone with the adam?

  10. Hmm, let's see


    "Pass his bond to me." (Sentence from aMoL)

    Either someone talking to Alanna- though at this point I think it's rather too late for one of them to take her bond over- or someone actually managed to bond Mat and Tuon wants it.



    Wow, imagine that Elaida spilled bonding as one of her secrets (though she might not even know how it is actually done), somehow bonds Mat through her suldam (Tuon?), and then Tuon demands the bond back!



    @memory 9

    I hoped that after 13 books with a complete absence of reasonable communication, and a meeting set for the FOM, our hero's would finally realize that it's oh so practical to simply talk to each other... and then they're still sending letters right before the end of the world?!?!?

  11. Bonding didn't exist in the AOL, and I remember a scene where one or some of the forsaken remark(s) on how odd and inconvenient this invention seems to be for the AS herself (remember Semi's torture methods). I'm not so sure that Cyndane would want the bond willingly because of the same reasons, but she might be persuaded by Moridin. I'd rather imagine that Alviarin or another high-ranking black would press Alanna to pass Rand's bond.

  12. Cairhien - seems more democratic (read: chaotic), I love intruiges, and men and women can both rule (if I remember correctly)


    I liked the previous dating questions, so I came up with some more:


    Would you rather date Birgitte or Berelain?

    Or; would you rather date Galad or Mat?

  13. Suttree, you're absolutely right pointing out the difficulties for the AS during the WT attack. I guess what my point is, is that IMO reading or learning about something is not the same as having done it. That's for me the strong point about Mat's inherited skills: he doesn't just have the knowledge of all those dead people, he actually has their own memories. In a way, he has fought all those battles himself. I'm also looking forward to TG, especially with several AS that are just awesome by themselves. I hope the WT attack has given them this extra bit of experience. I'm just a bit sceptical about their fighting power as a group.

  14. Maybe my memory doesn't serve me well, but wasn't Adelorna - the Captain-General of the Green Ajah herself - complaining about the lack of 'preparedness' of the AS during the attack on the WT? Basically no organization, definitely a complete lack of willingness to follow suggestions/orders by their fellow AS... Maybe the Green have studied battles, but I doubt they have as much insight and quick-response skills as the average I-fight-with-my-sword Great General.

  15. Isn't Elayne musing in the books that fancy (ter/sa)'angreal would require men and women to work together? Or is that a fandom thought that I took to be true? If so, there were basically no male channelers to experiment with, and the forsaken are so ridiculously distrustful towards each other that they would never link to make anything useful. Though, maybe Moridin might pull something off with his control of Lanfear and Moggi; I can also not begin to imagine that AOL scientists wouldn't know anything about ter'angrealology (love that term!).

  16. I'm an experimentalist, so I love crazy theories that can be waylaid within a few more weeks of waiting:


    Shaidar Haran is created from the ogier, the way the average wannabe lurk is created from men. He has The Longing for stones from Shayol Gul. As soon as he find the way to cut this link (and apparently he's trying hard), the ogier will also no longer have their link with the stedding. They will spontaneously start singing and dancing, which will accidentally seal the bore. So, it turns out that Loial is the true Dragon reborn, and used Rand as a proxy to fulfill the various profecies (@Mazrim182: he was around Rand much more than Logain, so it would make sense, right).

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