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  1. Only if you forget to bring me cookies and tequila when I take back over.
  2. *flops about* When heart gets back, we will be grownups again.
  3. Experience, yes. Like my sister somehow threw up on top of her head. How is that even possible? But the husband? He throws up on everything but himself. Me? I have never puked anywhere I didn't mean to. I would always say I make it to the toilet, but given that I have thrown up in the woods before while camping, I can't really get away with it.
  4. LOL, the very first Mess night that Jon had while we were together, we were engaged and looking into finding a house. I was staying on base at one of his friend's house, and the guys were at Mess night while us two girls were enjoying a glass of wine. We got a phone call from her husband, and he just said, OH MY GOD I LOST DETWILER. Me, not knowing any better, starts freaking out. Like, our wedding was in two weeks, and he was in his dress blues, and lost somewhere. So, the two of us hop in the vehicle and drive across base, and it is illegal to drive on base with any alcohol in you, and we are freaking out. We find her husband sitting in his truck bed, "searching for the enemy", and convince him to get in her car and he promptly passes out. We start driving, looking for Jon, and find him a few miles down the road, shoes in hand, and puking in the grass. His uniform was spotless. I'm not quite sure how he did it.
  5. I did this. And I agree with Wombat. Mafia. Make it happen.
  6. Oh my god, it's an Otter eating Watermelon.
  7. My sister is entirely sober and currently cleaning out the vehicle. This is my thursday.
  8. I use Ful blood like a bubble bath. I also sit in a hottub.
  9. .... I bathe in Ful blood on the regular. That's the only good use a Ful is.
  10. She is normally the one looking after drunk people, always ends up being the DD, and worked three doubles the past three days. She needed a night to party, but I'm a little sad we didn't even make it to the bar.
  11. The fudge? How did this get to four pages? I'm not reading this spam crap.
  12. Oh my god, I need a drink. My sister drove up here, three hours, to go out to nickle draft night. She brings with her a case and two outfits. She gets here, we kill a case, and go out to eat. She then eats a quesadilla and does four flaming shots and pounds a beer, throws up on herself on the way to the bar, then strips naked and falls asleep in the shower. I proceed to get her out of the shower and into sweats and into my bed, and she is now laying in the middle of it wrapped up in all the blankets. I just want to sleep, but guess who is in the middle of my bed?
  13. I'm currently wearing a spaghetti strap shirt, jeans, boots, and my husband's old nasty button up. Yeah. my fashion sense sucks
  14. *jaw drops, then breaks AJ's neck and drops him into a watery grave*
  15. Rand couldn't help himself. He burst out laughing, a hollow laugh that would have scared children, but he still laughed at Elaida. "Come now Elaida, really? Traveling? The same could be said of you. You certainly know that art quite well. Regardless, there was a Dreamspike activated, so neither of us could have been able to Travel into the Hall." Rand then turned to Siuan, and looked her up and down. "Laras has already been proven to have lied, Siuan Sanche, but is she lying about you seeing Egwene right after her midday meal was brought?"
  16. So, the other two faction leaders and I had a discussion (aka someone ended up dead and the other two had dirty times) about whether or not you Fuls are really evil. Seems to me like some of you show up for the Mafia, or trying to grovel to the Nae'blis, and don't really want to be evil. Do you all understand where you are? This is Shayol Ghul. If you don't get what you want, you don't grovel. You kill them for it. Someone didn't give me points? I gutted them and force fed them their insides, and showed them how they would forever want to please me in the future. Leelou sends an army of trollocs after you to rip apart and eat you while you are still alive. Moon would use the OP to keep you still and silent, then torture you until you WISHED the Dark Mistress would save you. So, are you evil? Because, I don't think some of you Fuls are. So come on, kids. Step right up. Let's see who is evil, and who needs to crawl back to the Creator. FYI - I'm not evil, I'm a whiny spoiled brat.
  17. Nothing wrong with Jonny Walker. HEY YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH ABOUT BARNEY STINSON! THAT MAN IS AWESOME! Anywho, I'm like the least fashionable person ever, but I am also a classy lady. I love a man in a suit. And obv you can all come to my wedding with Perrin.
  18. *giggles and waits for the results*
  19. Nothing better than a guy in some sort of nice suit. Every girl wants to be the girl on the arm of a sexy man in a suit.
  20. *hands Matrim a beer to make him shut up* Don't you bring Snarly in here. Piano, I'm so disappointed.
  21. OMG Masema, I love you. Chuckles, seriously, I want to throw you out of the Dreadies for that Swag stuff. What is that?! I don't even... Seriously, give me a man in a three piece suit any day over skinny jeans and hipster glasses. Or, of course, a uniform in my case.
  22. Ach, I knew that, but then got onto thinking about someone trying to take on Jon, and my mind wandered.
  23. My husband is a blackbelt in MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Programs), has Expert in both Rifle and Pistol, and knows how to blow things up. Have fun. :D
  24. LOL, he would kick your butt. As I have said before, I'm a real life Green. I married my warder, and my warder is out fighting and stuffs.
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