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  1. 32 female



    Egwene. Aside from her ever-growing AS arrogance, I think she's one of the toughest of all the characters.

    Nynaeve. Also a tough chick, and I enjoy her tantrums just as much as watching her mature.

    Logain. I think he's decent and honest. I'm really looking forward to seeing what his role will be in the final book.

    Moiraine. So happy she's back!!

    Also Lan, Verin, Birgitte, Rand, Siuan, Leann, Bashere, etc.....lol



    Fain. Seriously, why can't this guy just die already?

    Galad, What a stick in the mud he is. I always get a sense of impending doom when his chapters come up.

    Berelain. Gold-digging, power hungry tramp.

    Taim, self explanatory.

    Elaida. She's a nasty one. What a beast.

  2. Welcome, Mountaineer! I'm new as well, but, due the the Willy Wonka quote, I couldn't help but reply! :) "You stole Fizzy Lifting Drinks!!" lol


    As for AMoL, I know exactly how you feel. Finally finishing the series is exciting, but I don't really want it to be over! :( I'm planning to drag the final book out for as long as possible, but they're so hard to put down, I doubt I'll manage that very well. :P

  3. Thanks for the welcome, Rand! :) As for a nickname, NSG is fine, but I gotta tell you, the first thing that came to mind was mono sodium glutamate, lol. I'd take 'Nerd' or 'Sickgirl' as a compliment any day, and my name is Lisa. I'm not picky, though, so whatever works best is okay by me. :) NSG is probably the easiest to go with, it just makes me crave Chinese food! ;)


    As for DM, I'm really enjoying reading the discussions, and it's always fun to meet people with similar interests! I haven't really checked out the games and social groups yet, although I plan to. I've never done any RPing, so I have no idea how I'd take to that if i tried it, lol.


    Thanks again, it's a pleasure meeting you all! :D

  4. From WoT, I'm leaning toward Min. I like her personality, being a bit of a tomboy myself, and her ability to see auras. On the other hand, channeling would be awesome, too. I'd either choose Amys or Melaine, if I were to go that way. The Wise Ones are a much more likeable group than the AS, IMHO. Having Mat's luck would be great, too! :) I'm indecisive :P


    As far as choosing from another series, the first person that springs to mind is Angela the Herbalist, from the Inheritance Cycle. She's wonderfully weird, powerful, and mysterious. Plus, she has a werecat, lol :)

  5. Hey, Elaida, thanks for the welcome! I'll be roaming around a bit, for sure. :) As for the handle, I'm sure you get the 'nerdy' bit, but the rest is a song reference. I'm a big fan of the band Social Distortion, and their song 'Sick Boy' is practically an anthem. So, no worries, my health is great! ;)

  6. Hello, everyone! It's a pleasure to join a group of fellow bookworms!


    First things first, I'd like to apologize in advance for any errors, which I will almost definitely make, as I'm completely new to forums. Bear with me! :)


    My sister originally introduced me to the WoT series. I'll admit, I wasn't very interested at first. The prologue didn't pique my interest, and I forgot about it until my 'To Read' stack disappeared. I decided to give it another

    go, and I've been addicted ever since! I'm also proud to have passed it along to a few others, as well! :) I'm excited to have found DM, and looking forward to discussing WoT. Or any other books/authors, for that matter. I'm

    also a music lover and I enjoy a good laugh, so I'm open to any topic.


    Looking forward to meeting you. Thanks for having me!

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