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  1. I bash...... Al Gore, Saddam Hussein(somebody just kill that guy already), Stupid reality tv shows(Wifeswap anyone?), GRRM, Crappy fantasy authors I waste money on only to find out they suck, and my damn in-the-car driver's test that I just failed again.
  2. Artemis Entreri from Salvatore's books.
  3. DS, have you read "Mistborn", Sanderson's next novel yet? It's awesome!
  4. Okay, I got the idea for this via another forum that had it about the best fantasy writer ever. Here's how it goes. For two weeks, people will nominate 2 (and only 2 or else your nomination will be disqualified) bands or singers. Then after that 2 week period is over, I will mix and match all the nominees so that it is a versus vote between two of the nominees (for example: Staind vs. Nelly). Then I will post all of those versus matches and then everyone will vote for their favorite of the two and PM me with their choices and so on and so forth until I add up all the votes in the versus matche
  5. (Still) Te Amo.... I Hate You-- Ill Nino How Can I Live-- Ill Nino Unframed-- Ill Nino
  6. The same thought crossed my mind as well. How does that even begin to make sense????
  7. I LOVE that song/video. HILARIOUS!! Here's a link, Goldeneyes to the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsfVw9xxoNY
  8. Here's a sample chapter of chapter 1. More is available on this site. http://www.brandonsanderson.com/page.php?id=9
  9. Bash, Bash, who to bash..... I bash one of my favorite bands, the latin metallists "Ill Nino" for having awesome music and then blowing it by blasting President Bush in the CD pamphlet. (Won't stop me from listening to their awesome music though). I bash TG bashers who don't know what they're missing. I bash Michael Moore for being an imbecile and an A S S! That's about it for now. Man I love this thread already! It helps get things off my chest!
  10. Okay. This is easy enough. What music are you listening to or what is the last song you listened to? List the song and the artist. Trust me, it's a great way to find new bands and artists. How Can I Live-- Ill Nino Hard Rock fans check it out! AWESOME SONG! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_onsfLlLaM
  11. Hey everybody, I recently exchanged emails with the relatively-new fantasy author Brandon Sanderson and he asked me to do him a favor and recommend his book to as many people as possible. He wrote "Elantris" and "Mistborn", two fantastic and amazingly original fantasy books that really are must reads. So, all fantasy fans, let's do our best to make this guy a huge success. If you read it and like it, recommend it to all the people you know. Thanks.
  12. You're right Cleopatra. It's gonna be a tv miniseries on one of the major networks. It's not gonna be in theaters.
  13. Try newcomer Brandon Sanderson. His books Mistborn and Elantris are startlingly original and excellent. Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series is AWESOME. Start with "Furies of Caulderon." L.E. Modesitt Jr.'s The Magic of Recluce and The Death of Chaos are really good. There you go, hope this helps!
  14. WOW! Odette and Katie are super hot! YOW! I'd post a pick of myself, but my comp doesn't accept photobucket.
  15. Of the three, Goodkind finishing first, RJ coming in in a close 2nd, and Eddings isn't even an honorable mention.
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