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  1. His old tongue knowledge doesn't just come from Aemon, though. I remember Birgitte commenting on how one sentence he speaks like a man from Manetheren, and the next he's an Eharoni, down to his accent and idioms.
  2. I just finished GH the other day... Hawkwing referred to him as "Trumpeter" not hornsounder. I think maybe Birgitte called him Hornsounder in the OT, later in the series. So, maybe not.
  3. Woah... I never even thought about that. I'm so used to my own mistaken pronunciations that I don't even bother trying to correct them anymore... Having just finished Great Hunt on a re read, Egwene, Nynaeve, and sometimes Siuan are the ones I know I do wong, but 10 years in I just don't care. for your reference, Jackson, the name of the city is Tar Valon. I bet the maps are online somewhere, or maybe even the glossaries from the end of every book, if you are interested in seeing how some of the citiies and old tongue words are spelled.
  4. Waaaaah socom it looks (on my phone) like you forgot to put in a tag to end the spoiler. The whole ting shows up for me, you may want to check that.
  5. Oh good, I'm glad I remembered that bit right :-)
  6. IIRC, she knew this one when she saw it... It was the one that foresaw glory in his future.
  7. I was under the impression that Aemon had no heir. And I just finished Eye the other day (again), and I don't remember where it says Mat is descended from Aemon... Just that the Two Rivers folk are all descendents of Manetheren. Having said that, there is no reason a non-descendant couldn't be Aemon reincarnated. Another thought (though I haven't read the Toman Head sequence in years) is that he is THE Hornsounder. As in, he is ALWAYS the one who sounds it, and is reborn whenever it needs to happen.
  8. That's an interesting thought...I wonder if age plays a role in our thoughts on Nynaeve? Quite possible I'd say... That is indeed an interesting idea. Many of us started reading at an age where a Wisdom would have been an annoying authority figure, especially a stubborn one like Nyn. Now that we are older, it is easier to identify with her. Veeeeery interesting...
  9. I'm also rereading the series in whatever spare time I can find, but I'm still on EotW. I couldn't for the life of me remember which scene/chapter of tGH everyone was referring to, until I saw the name and the portal stone reference together... then I got a chill. Now I can't wait to get there! Speed read!
  10. Welcome back! Glad to hear you're on the mend.
  11. I don't know how to quote on the mobile board, but regarding your question about Padan Fain... AS & Warders can sense shadowspawn, which he definitely isn't. He is just... Something else. I THINK the description I'm thinking of, which sort of explains what happened to him, was in tGH. But I'm not sure, so I can't spoil it here. As far as time lines are concerned, you could (CAREFULLY) check sevenspokes.net. I think that was the site with the great timeline. I would be very cautious of spoilers, though.
  12. Rodel Ituralde. I think it was supposed to be a bit of a jab at her. "hey, while you were down here goofing off, some Domani and I saved your [capital?] city. Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it." Sent using Tapatalk
  13. I guess that I always thought Ishy was originally Mordeth the human, but that when evil consumed Aridhol and created mashadar, it created a lookalike or something. Didn't realize they are two different evils. That's why these forums are great! Sent using Tapatalk
  14. I think you mean to say "RAFO" Without spoiling anything, all I will say is that I liked how this was finally addressed. RAFO ;) As far as I know, he did kill them himself. He may not have been mature enough to "be a man" and stand up for himself yet, but he was still a very skilled swordsman. One thing that I usually forget is that many of the characters in the series are in their late teens to mid twenties. They are still growing up and maturing in many ways. I don't think this is in an way a spoiler, but regarding the entire series timeline: Also - TSR might be my favorite
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