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  1. While reading another thread about Avi, I just thought of a scene that would be freaking awesome: Avi gets to Rhuidean, no, she comes out of the columns having seen whatever she sees, stumbles upon one of the Forsaken girls rooting thru the pile of stuff looking for angreal (most of the Forsaken have expressed interest in such a cache). A duel ensues, both opponents snatching up items from the scattered pile, and hurling the Light knows what at each other. Avi wins, having discovered a few awesome items in the pile. It's about time for Avi to kick some shadow butt.
  2. Avi could easily find Rand anywhere thru her shared warder bond and a couple gateways. Interesting thought about Cynfear being in a jealous rage at Elayne, and she could go after the other two lovers too. I really hope Avi gets to do something bada$$ in this book. She is way overdue. Diverting the stream into the air to put the fire out in TGS was cool, but just an indication of how powerful of a channeler she is and the kind of awesome-ness she could do. And I like the idea of her finding some awesome ter'angreal in Rhuidean. Hmm, a thought just occured to me that some of the Forsaken
  3. @ Crazyone: I don't think trollocs actually going thru gateways was ever shown on page. There were a few times, like Caemlyn with Rhavin in FoH, and in the Waste in tSR, when there were trollocs that showed up very unexpectedly, and I think most of us probably just assumed they were gateway'd in by one of the Forsaken, before it was written that they couldn't pass thru gateways. I suppose there are Waygates in the Spine of the World that they could have used to get close to the Waste, but I've often wondered about how they got trollocs into the palace in Caemlyn. There is a Waygate in Caemlyn
  4. I thought of it as "impossible" because it was supposedly made of cuendillar and Rand broke the collar. I remember it falling thru a stream of balefire in Tanchico when Nyn was dueling Moggy. Rand actually BROKE CUENDILLAR! So apparently the True Power can destroy cuendillar. Hmm, but I guess the DO is breaking the cuendillar seals too...
  5. yeah I suppose Nicola could be full of dung, but I always wanted to take that one seriously, if only because RJ was big on the whole prophecy/viewing/foretelling thing, as a way of teasing the reader with things to come, and he never, as far as I can recall, put it a trivial/pointless/false foretelling or viewing. There is always a reason. shrug. RAFO I guess.
  6. This is one of the only real points of dissension I have with the series. I always wondered why the supposed Battle Ajah didn't have a bunch of sisters assigned to the blight border helping the borderlanders with trolloc raids and such. And at Tarwin's Gap in EotW, at one of the most likely spots for a trolloc invasion, there are no Greens, no Aes Sedai at all. That always bugged me a little.
  7. 1. taking the stone, maybe (but that is past tense, so I don't know if that would be in a foretelling, and it was in prophecy that it would fall eventually, so maybe not impossible anyway) 2. cleansing saidin 3. destroying Shadar Logoth 4. escaping the domination band 5. hmm, i'm out. that's only 3 non-sarcastic ones, not counting the Stone, which I don't think counts. possibilities: cleansing the Ways, getting his hand back, coming back from the dead (from other theories), surviving the LB... more ideas anyone?
  8. Here is the relevant passage: Ever since we found out she has the Foretelling, she’s been Foretelling two or three times a day, to hear tell of it. Or rather, to hear Areina tell it. Nicola is smart enough to know everyone is aware she can’t remember what she says when she Foretells, but Areina always seems to be there to hear and remember, and help her interpret. Some are the sort of thing anyone in the camp with half a brain and a credulous nature might think of – battles with the Seanchan or the Asha’man, an Amyrlin imprisoned, the Dragon Reborn DOING nine impossible things, visions
  9. I LOVE audiobooks, for driving, or doing dishes and other misc chores, or on the jogging track. I've listened to all of the WOT ones,(Kate Reading/Michael Kramer version) and I think they are great. The first time, it took a couple chapters to get used to the guy's voice, but after that it was awesome. They do a good job of creating separate characters without over-acting usually. The only problem is a couple of inconsistencies with pronunciations or accents, but you have to consider that there was 2-3 years between a lot of the books, hence 2-3 years between recordings. And I figure maybe
  10. @TreeJoe yeah that could be true. I have to wonder about the madness of Masema tho too now. How far back was he receiving revelations, and maybe compulsions, from the impostor Dragon? Back when Perrin first confronted him in PoD he was spouting the Word of the Lord Dragon as if he had gotten straight from the horse's, er...dragon's, mouth. I could see Asunawa for sure tho as being corrupted by the power of his position, tho I still think there are DFs in his ranks. On a side note, I've been wanting one of the good guys (maybe Perrin or Galad), when in an argument with one of the over
  11. I really like the quote from Loial's book at the beginning, I've been waiting for one of those for a while actually, since we've seen plenty of quotes from the 4th age. But does that little teaser about the Stump speech mean we won't get to see any of that in the book? That would be a bummer, I want to hear/read his speech.
  12. I would be pretty surprised if there are not DFs among the questioners. I always thought some of them seemed a little too fervent in their desire to torture people, seems like a good place for a DF to hide and stir up trouble. I've wondered about Asinawa...
  13. I generally like it, a lot more that the DKS one, as with most of them. I think the raken is a little too demonic dragon looking tho. They were described as being a lot more lizard like, and friendly enough that their keepers were hand feeding them fruit in one of the Seanchan POVs. But I do like the choice of this imagery. And it hints at how huge the tower is.
  14. I am wondering where Moiraine's foreknowledge of her confrontation with Lanfear came from. Was is it from her three questions in the doorway in Tear, or from the ter'angreal in Rhuidean? I was just having tangent thoughts, about how Mat's answers led him to the other doorway, and his...bargain with the other Finns. I thought it would interesting if something similar happened to Moiraine. and if so would she know what to expect about the other doorway, the gifts and prices and all that instead of questions. in other words, what kind of "thus the treaty is written" or "price is paid" kind of sce
  15. Been reading these forums for a while, never got around to joining, but I just couldn't take it anymore, and I predict that this will be true for many more fans after this book comes out, and everyone is thinking about AMoL. For ToM, I predict: 1) Elayne/Avi and/or Rand will find some more useful things in the caches of ter'angreal in Caemlyn/Tear/Cairhien/Rhuidean. I'm hoping Avi will be able to refine her apparent talent for reading ter'angreal and find something awesome. 2) Mat will have to either make some sort of bargain with the Finns for Moiraine, or make a wager or someth
  16. At first I thought "Blood in the Air" would be a Perrin chapter, referring to his sense of smell, but maybe not after reading that teaser...
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