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  1. In honor of Dragonmount shouldn't you be using a Volcano? Yah more than likely ill have to ask for one of those lol i will call it dragonmount too hahahahaah
  2. Who isn't? ;) I'd take my chances with Lanfear, too. Crazy women are sometimes the most fun in bed too
  3. I most deffinatly wont be skipping to the end. The last 2 books i have read in like 6 hours after i got them. This one im going to lock myself in the bedroom with my pipe and some good two rivers long leaf and have a nice slow read and i wont be comming out until its done. The wife wont like it but she already knows it will happen.
  4. I know i started this thread on the view of not commin here any more after the last books is done and it of course has gone slightly downhill.
  5. Hell im just going to go back to not posting that much. i cant keep track of things anymore when it comes to this. I try to make my case in point and the kids or something else always comes up and my train of thought gets derailed then it takes for ever to get back on track. That and the fact that i have been trying so very hard not to swear lol to keep in the pg13 rules hahahah. and yet again the kids interupt me on this so hell im out lol.
  6. Seriously? Do you work for 16 hours a day and sleep for eight. Or do you actually have a life and some leisure time? I didn't realize that Brandon should have been required to write every single minute he was awake. He was putting in long hours when working on the book. And the cons are part of the job. It's all part of promoting the book (and, again, everyone is entitled to some down time from their jobs). All the other books he worked on were in various states of completeness. He never took off from the WoT to completely write another book. Also, TOR requested that he give them a Sanderson book in between WoT books. And he frequently mentioned that working on various projects keeps him from getting burned out on any particular project. No reason not to believe that. They could have if they thought it was important. Obviously, they didn't mind giving him the freedom to do a couple other things. And we still got these 3 books faster than any three we got from RJ in a long, long time. Hell, most people are saying they wish he spent longer writing and working on it. Again, seriously? Fans send him stuff. He's not out there begging for it. no i work 24 hours a day being a stay at home dad with no freetime or leisure time unless the kids are sleeping and i get maybee 3 hours a sleep a day if im lucky. And i did not say that he needed to be writing all of his time that he was awake, i know he put in long ass hours on writing the books didnt say he didnt. and as fas as saying he is begging for it he has a wishlist on amazon for cards and what not. But to each their own on their own opinions mine are mine and your's are your's ill stick to mine and you stick to your's im not here to argue
  7. I'm fairly sure that if that had been one of their requirements, then he would have said "No thanks." As well he should have. Look, Brandon was certainly compensated for doing this work, both monetarily and with a boost in fame/name recognition. But he also put a bunch of his own stuff on the shelf to finish another man's work. There is a kind of generousness in that act that deserves to be recognized. There are very valid criticisms of his work, and maybe (thought this is much trickier) of his work ethic. But the idea that he should have taken this gig and shut off all of his own stuff is, in my opinion, an unfair one. He didn't become a writer in order to finish the Wheel of Time. true true but he did in fact accept it knowing that it needed to be done. To me that would make sense to put my stuff on the backshelf for now and dedicate myself to getting it done then go back to my own thing. That makes far more sense to me that the other way around of trying to do so many things at once.
  8. I think it all ties into the Dragon is one with the land. I belive he will sacrafice himself with his Blood on the rocks therby sealing the DO out of time and space. Basically using his ties with the land and the super Tavernness he has to forcefully put the DO out of the picture all togther.
  9. I would also like to add that maybee if Sanderson spent all of his time on these books they would of been better. Follwoing his tweets and facebook updates, he was always doign so many other things. From playing Magic games to the various CONS that he did. And all of the other books that he is writing at the same time, that has to be hard to concentrate on one topic. He might not be that great of a multytasker. Seems to me that he wasnt. I know that when i am trying to do 15 things at once shit becomes hard to do. I think that when they asked him to finish the series for us they should of made it plain and simple that he wasnt able to write anything else until the books were done, to concentrate on this one thing. Kinda like a contract clause. As a writer he comes across to me as a young adult fiction writer, as in trying to keep the scope of things being able to relate to the younger readers who is his fan base i think not sure though. One thing i really dont like about him is the fact that he has people sending him magic cards. I mean come on dude we as the readers have made you some decent cash im pretty sure you can go out and buy your own damn magic cards. Not like you cant afford it.
  10. I myself would love to be able to read the notes, I have 3 copies of the Simarillion all the way back from its frist print. Its more of a history book than notes though Tolkien wrote that before the Lord of the rings and the hobbit. I think that Sanderson is pushing so hard to get the notes printed out is so that he can say( see i had all these notes to work with and not a lot was there in certain things so i did the best with what i was givin ) I am pretty sure that he has said that before. So the notes would be some type of justicefcation of how badly some of the last 3 books were wrote. All along the lines of yah i know they could of been better but they werent so sorry. BTW want to play Magic with me lol.
  11. I wonder what would happen to Rand if Alanna got 13x13d? Alanna goes missing to the borderlands, and Slayer's POV with the carriages coming again. Hmm... I dont think anything would really happen to him if she got turned. Maybee some type of awareness of her being made into an evil type of thing through the feeling of emotional aspects of the warderbond. Might be some type of negativity issue with Rands thought process kinda like the taint itself.But with 3 other bonds of women that love him mind body and soul i dont think her being turned would effect him in profound ways really.
  12. I agree somewhat with what you are saying, but something in me thinks that something is going to happen and he will freak out so to say maybee not Dark Rand but something regardless. And we have to remember its Sanderson writing it so pointless might not make a difference hahahahahahahahah.
  13. LOL @ Bongface I have a feeling that Perrin is going to die ive always felt like that for some reason. We also need to take into account the Bond with Alanna, if she dies then bam warder rage to the extreme, it might not be as bad as a normal rage since he has 4 people that have bonded him. But it will still be there in some type of anger im sure. And i think Moraines other part will be with the sealing off of the Bore. Her and Rand with Perrins help In Tar will make the new Prison out of there souls. The whoe yingyang thing thats be through out the series. As a single unit each of them are powerfull in their own ways, but men an women workign together always made more than working alone.
  14. Yah Rand even says "that he has the madness in his grip" . So he is still nutball crazy but he is holding it at bay somehow, I think he will go back to being Dark Rand before the end of the book once one of his either 3 ladies or Perrin or Mat dies. It will be the icing on the cake so to say. Calm cool and collective then bam or his rocker and laying waste to anyone. Ive been there i kinda know how it works. You think that yah you are good to go then something little comes along and sets you off then its shitballs crazy, you end up doing stuff like taking a baseball bat to a tv for no reason or a cricket paddle for the Auzzies. What Rand needs is a good Shrink i know it helped me out in the past and still does when i need someone to talk to. Maybee thats the role Moraine will play for him.
  15. Kert Wagoner----> Kurt Wagner=Nightcrawler from X-Men. O ok i get it now lol. Didnt read any xmen stuff ever, so thats why it went right over my head i guess.
  16. I was talking with the wife last night about how Sanderson has been a let down and how the last few books have come across to me as fan fiction. She then says to me well duh it is fan fiction, she made a really good point that i never really considered. He was a fan of the series and he finished the books for us but it still is Fan Fiction.
  17. I know i said i wasnt going to post anymore but most times i post because i belive in common curtisey. Someone says my name in here im going to post in response, its a nice thing to do at least i think. And i really do not have anything better to do most days other than keep my household clean and bake stuff. So maybee i wont post or maybee i will im not out to get any attention i get enough of that from the wife and my kids. Most times i just read and shake my head, but now and then something comes along that i will post on. I have one question what the hell is this Nightcrawler thing everyone in talking about ive read the chapter 4 times now and have not seen it at all?
  18. To quote Slater from Dazed and Confused: "check you later"! I say that all the time too lol +1
  19. No shit thats seems to be all that happens anymore. I am a stay at home dad and this site really helped with my day being able to read up on stuff now its more like sifting through stuff to get to the good parts, not very enjoyable at all. Very easy to manage the "ignore" list on your profile. That would sift out much of what you don't want to see. It's kind of a tough circle at this point to be honest. The people actually bashing are few and far between of course, most have very valid critiques/thoughtful posts. Regardless they are attacked just the same for their views which really tells you all you need to know. I was not aware of the ignore option i may just have to use that but for now ill troll lol
  20. Ive trolled since the begining of the site and actually joined 2 years ago so i could post something. Ill probally just go back to trollin lol
  21. No shit thats seems to be all that happens anymore. I am a stay at home dad and this site really helped with my day being able to read up on stuff now its more like sifting through stuff to get to the good parts, not very enjoyable at all.
  22. Well i liked the chapter for sure. The build up of the land dyiing all over the place and the general lack of hope amongst all the people really hits home that this is the end. Pretty strong i think. Now for a few other things. I think Talmanes will still die, healed or not. Rand i think will make the new prison out of him self perrin and maybee mat( three become one ).Other than that i thought it was good . And this will probally be my last post on here. I just cant stand the negativity that seems to happen with every topic. We all know Sanderson could of done better, bitching about it all the damn time isnt going to change a damn thing anyways so its basically pointless to keep on going on and on about how this and tha could of been different, or that could of been different. I really used to like this site alot but over the last few weeks since the new material came out its gotten less and less enjoyable to look at. Maybee ill come back after the book is out and i have read it and see how many people are cutting it down like they will be for sure. Just not fun any more so buh bye
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