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  1. Wasnt there a viewing done by someone can not remember who but wasnt Rand getting his feet washed by women of the tower? So maybee he takes over.
  2. I like this alot Mik pretty good overall id say. If it is true many many many props to you most deff.
  3. Look on Sandersons webpage he had some thing running on there about autographed copys of Amol that some store in utah were selling. But i think they sold them all out. might be a way to get more info from there.
  4. Not me, I found what you said pretty shallow; nothing too exciting or deep there. Hah. You call me shallow for saying that you guys should be fortunate to have a book to read at all? Lol. Wow. Somehow you continue to entirely miss the point... Enlighten me, oh sage. Or are you going to give a "you're not worth the time" answer. Damn dude calm down
  5. I think he will die, and the way that he continues to live, is in the peoples memory of him. thats my 2 cents ive always thought this also. thats how i would do it for sure.
  6. 45 times, holy cow that is allot. :D Ive gotten to the point in alot of the books that i read that once i go through the first few chapters i remember everything that happens in the book. All my hardbacks show the wear of over reading. Thats why i have all of the WOT on the kindle now. Back in the days of my fatness lol over 25o pounds all i did was read and thats when i found the WOT lol
  7. over 45 times i think, ive lost count many times ill finish the last book and start right back on the first one. After Amol comes out ill probally not read them again for a while.
  8. Ive been hearing LTT now and then. But usually its when i go a lil strong on the Two Rivers Long Leaf lol
  9. They were in the middle of the Great Stump the last i knew. What i want to know is how badass they will be when they do come out of the Steddings. I also wonder just how many of them there are out there in randland.
  10. So true. Although I don't think we ever saw a lot of Daerid to begin with. And it seems like Uno has been MIA for a long time now. I want to see Uno again aswell. Seems to me once he joined up with the salidar AS he went by the way side. (maybee brandon has trouble with all his swearing heheheheheheh) wanted to add Uno and Bridgette. Deff her type of dude for sure.
  11. I hope for one she asked to have all the Knowledge of the weaves from the AOL. To me that would make sense dont ya think.
  12. We would of probally already have read the last book lol.
  13. What use would Perrin be at the BT? He can't channel he has no protection from channellers he'd be just ballast a channeller had to protect. I think it'll be shown that Rand only has that effect on regular darkfriends and not on channellers who were turned or allowed themselves to get linked to the DO. Channellers are too valuable the DO would protect them from Rand's glow. Other than taking the dreamspike out in the Dream. I really dont see any use for him at the BT either.
  14. Doesn't he have to be channeling? But good point, you'd think that would have been mentioned! And when did the tower get all Elayne;s toys? They just hacked her Terangreal off screen? I wondered that aswell. In month of buildup to the meeting at Merrelior a lot of things have seemed to be happening off screen quite a bit. So i wonder if they finally have all the other ones from Ruidiean aswell that Rand had stashed away in Cariehien.
  15. I think Perrin will take out the Dreamspike on his own. After all he ranks up there in dreamwalking abilitys getting a lets say +25 from being a wolf brother. It might just be at the same time that Androl and company try to leave the Black Tower. They try to make a gateway and loe and behold it works again. Him and Pervera link and a huge gateway forms and they get all the good Asha'man out of the tower grounds.They meet up with Myrelle and company outside of the wall and form some type of plan to go back in and kick some ass.Giving us the Black Tower will be rent in fire and blood and sister walking the grounds. Edited for the damn space bar lol
  16. Actually she remembered Rand was like Saidar. To be able to control it she had to first surrender to it. And that basically what she had to do to be able to try to control him to a certain degree.
  17. Rand would probably finish him of in seconds in a one on one duel. Better that it's Logain, they are near enough matched in Power, each is a leader of a faction in BT, and we finally get to see whatever the hell Logain has been up to. Maybe Battle of Black Tower will be his rise to glory. Amen to Rand's stupidity part. It's plot induced stupidity also known as bad writing. Logain has to be the one to deal with Taim. The Black Tower and the Asha'man have to establish themselves in their own right. Androl said it in the prologue quite well. If they run to the Aes Sedai to help with their problems they'll have to subordinate themselves beneath the Amyrlin, if they run to the Dragon they'll lose their chance to establish their independance as an organisation. If the Asha'man are to exist as an independant organisation equal to the Aes Sedai after the Last Battle they'll have to clean up their own house. And Logain is supposed to be their leader so he will have to especially distinguish himelf. Technically, Rand is an Ashaman. And he said he was going to deal with the BT in ToM. Still I imagine Logain will be the one to take care of it in the end. Rand isn't defined by his role as Asha'man. He's the Dragon Reborn that's far more than a mere Asha'man and whether Rand survives or not I don't think he'll have anything to do with them after the LB. The Asha'man will have to fend for themselves. Logain is more powerful than Taim. Logain is most likely one step below Rand, who is as powerful as a man can get. Taim held near as much power as Rand before Rand reached his full potential. Logain after Rand has maxed. Thus Logain is more powerful. This is really iffy. We've only seen them both compared to Rand and not to each other and both were described as a bit weaker than Rand there's really no telling how strong they are in relation to each other. Especially since we didn't get an objective statement we got Rand's estimate of their powers and Rand was pretty insecure around Asha'man. Yes but Taim was a bit weaker before Rand maxed out. Like Taim would be on Ravhin's level. Logian was a bit weaker after many more battles and a few more forsaken. Thus Rand was stronger at that point. I dont think it is mentioned anywhere, unless its in the sheaf of notes that she has got out of the Kindle Ter'angle. And its just something thats not mentioned. I meant mentioned anywhere in this thread. Like has it been discussed. It makes no sense to me. Yah i dont think it has been mentioned in this thread ive read pretty much every post lol (boredom). It doesnt make a lot of sense to me either, that she would think that the Do would just pop out and bam end of everything. If that was the case then during the war or the power/shadow it would of been done already.
  18. I dont think it is mentioned anywhere, unless its in the sheaf of notes that she has got out of the Kindle Ter'angle. And its just something thats not mentioned.
  19. I wont be the only other book that i have read by Sanderson was Elantris and both times i have read it i had to force myself to finish it. I dont like books that i have to force myself through.
  20. And there seems to be a lot of that any more for sure. Its like yes he could of done better did he nope get over it its done lol
  21. Well there is the immortality aspect of swearing your soul over to the Do, and protection from the taint, but thats moot now any ways.
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