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  1. Wow im confused, Thats not alot to go on, but let the thinkign begin.
  2. Sorry but what do you mean by this? I would also like to know whence this knowledge comes from or just an assumption on your part?
  3. You would still have to get them past being off their leashes first. Then after that you still have to get them to trust in their selves i would think, then after that bond them and have a walking channeler that knows how to destroy for protection.
  4. The Book will be a huge let down to all the fandom who have been waiting for the last 20 years for its completion. Riots will ensue, fire flood and famine.
  5. Thats a good one. Short and simple, i think Terez that we are the only ones having fun with this .
  6. Raen says in the EOTW "You are WELCOME to our FIRES.Do you KNOW the song. Elyas bowed in the same way, both hands pressed to his chest. "YOUR welcome WARMS my spirit, MAHDI, as your fires warm the FLESH, but i do not know the SONG." "Then we SEEK still," the gray-haired man intoned. "As it WAS, so shall it BE, if WE but REMEMBER, seek, and FIND." He swept an arm toward the fires with a smile, and his voice took on a cheerful lightness. "The MEAL os almost READY. JOIN us PLEASE.
  7. Tam in the EOTW said: "Remember the FLAME,LAD,and the VOID."
  8. Mat said' "I have no intention of MARRYING . And I have no intention of DYING , either, whether I am supposed to LIVE again or not. I walk around with HOLES in my memory, holes in my LIFE , and you stare at me like IDIOTS . If I had my way, I would want those holes FILLED, but at least ANSWERS to my questions might FILL SOME OF MY FUTURE. You have to answer.
  9. "I will give over everything, BETRAY everything, for you. Come away WITH me, Egwene. We will both LEAVE it all behind. I have a small estate south of Whitebridge, with a VINEYARD and a village, so far into the COUNTRY that the sun RISES two days late." hehehehehe
  10. When you do it that way Terez, it makes Rand seem TO be more crazy than he actually is, i think it would of GIVEN more depth the story overall lol
  11. I think it was written that way it would make it so hard to read. Even that lil bit you you messed with Terez made it hard to read and off putting hahahah.
  12. Every third Word i think should be Capatalized, like during a battle sceen hahahahHAHAH hah
  13. I think that all the great captains are all going to be over whelmed when it coems to any of the last battles themselves with that quote from Bashere, it seems pretty obivious that the 1000 trolloc raid would be the norm. So any thing after that is going to be very crazy when they in fact start to fight because they are deff not ready for it in ways ya know.
  14. seems weird to me that the seanchan would in fact have a Holy Woman. since the empress may she live forever is the closest thing they have to a holy type person i would say.
  15. I will be sitting down with my new dragon pipe and a good ole bag of Two Rivers Long Leaf and ill be telling the kids and the wife to leave me along for at least 6 hours.(the time it usually takes for me to read a 1000 page book lol ) , and then ill go through it much more slowly. But if it is anything like the last 2 books ill have it read at least 3 times in under a week i bet. One perk of being a stay at home dad.
  16. I know i said i wasnt goign to post but cant leave Mik hanging lol. The whole cut me down thing is along the lines that it needs to be expected any more when ever any one posts, so if you look forward t gettign that done to you it isnt much as a shock lol. Kinda being like ready for all suprises then nothing suprises you in the long run.
  17. Well i was going to try to get up to 420 posts with my name and all but i think this will more than likely be my last post in the forums. Over the last few months and even a lil bit longer going through the posts on these forums, I have learned a lot of things. About the books and people in general. Alot of things have been said going for the books and a lot of things have been said against the books, a few of the threads on here have come close to putting me off the books alltogther and almost made me care less that the last book was comming out. I know i will be comming back to chat and thats it. Im not looking forward to the book as much as i used to be right now i just would like to read it to say yes i read it i got my ending that i have been waiting for for the last 20 years. The books in them selves have never been that big a part of my life over all i enjoy reading them, but i havent been hit in the heart by them as a lot of people have had done to them. I just feel that none of the complaints are worthwhile really so may ppl say so many things. The you get newer people comming to the sire for the first time and, then they see the types of threads we put up, and i bet some of them have been put off the books. Im sure there are a lot of people that would never know about the wrighting conflitcs that have happend and wouldnt know unless they come here. In a lot of ways it sotra has ruined the books over all for me and i have a feelign that this has happed to a few others on here as well. Feel free to cut me down or what ever i could really care less not goign to hurt me any. Lokkin forward to chattin and thats it the book kinda sorta just to finish the series then time to move on to bigger and better things so to say.. Peace out Dragonmount and try to keep it classy as i kno whow hard that is to do at times.
  18. No i dont think if they do make movies i would in fact come back. Once the story is done for me im not goign to worry about what happens next any more since there wont be any more written in randland. So i think it may be pretty silly to speculate on things that we will never see. Although i will be in the chatroom for damn sure ha
  19. Well it is my thread so i will allow the naming of the game lol
  20. A great thing to read first thing in the morning for sure.
  21. With what is out there now that we know this thread is far more humerous than it once was great stuff for sure.
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