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  1. yah there are lot of chapters in all the books that feel like needless filler. i do a lot of skimming when i read them. but i always re read them all, and it takes me lil over a month to read them all over again i average 2 to 3 days per book
  2. it also could of been when verin was questioning all the women who were captured after dumais wells pardon the spelling i think verin was compelling all the women for further on in the future maybee thats why elze said she had a compulsion that needed to be removed i could be wrong or i could be right maybee we will know maybee we wont
  3. ok so i am reading the dragon reborn yet again and i came across something that every time i have read it it has made me wonder. can matt channel or learn to channel. here is the chatpeter it is in chap 20 visitations. how are you feeling the amyrlin asked briskly as she put a hand on his head. goose bumps covered his skin. so if he is like rand and can tell when a woman is channeling due to the goose bumps that tell him that she is do you think that matt can learn to channel or was it just his mind playing tricks on him? its probally already been talked about but it can never hurt to talk about something again and remember where ever you go there you are
  4. my first born daughters name is camlyn the wife wouldnt let me spell it caemlyn hahahahah
  5. ??? ello every one. ive been wonderig something ever since i read the first book. all the sword forms they use in the boks like heron wading in the rushes are any of these real sword techniques that are used in real life and if so where would one be able to find out where to learn them lol ive always wanted to know that and im sure its probally somewhere on this forum but i dont have the time to look any info would be greatly appericated
  6. im still not sure what book it was in but it was just a quick viewing that min had of elayne i do know it was in the first few books and i meant to say an angreal of some type
  7. ok. here is a thought i have had since reading the books. i am not sure what book it is in but does any one else remember the viewing min had with elayne and a had made out of hearthstone? now that rand is missing a hand do you think that she will make one for him some how? just a thought i could be wrong
  8. this might be far fetched but through out all the books healing anything short of death should be possible. so far she has healed stilling so maybee lan is going to die. and maybee she gets so angry and powerfull even though she doesnt need to be angry any more to channel do you think she will heal death? i have thought about this a lot every time it is mentioned of not being possible. so maybee it might happen just a thought i had
  9. why thank you does any one else feel that after these books are done with they will feel empty they have been with me for a large part of my life since 9th grade at least and and im 30 now
  10. hello every one ive been reading these books for most of my life cant wait to get the next one and read them all over again
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