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  1. The Ogier, vs. The Ents? I think it would be awesome to see a huge army of Ogier with long handled Axes :-) Do you think Mat will end up going to blow the Horn for Lan? That is a literal undead army...
  2. The Ashaman defending the rest of Randland against the Seanchan invasion (Guardians balancing the Servants) while Aes Sedai help clean up the aftermath of Tarmon Gaidon might go a long way toward changing the worlds opinions of them.
  3. Tam and Sulin ;-) She pretty much acts like Rand's mom anyway. Or I think Tam and Leanne would be kind of funny as well. She needs a few good warders and Tam's a blademaster.
  4. I read the first post before Cadsuane was introduced in my most recent reread. Cadsuane made a huge flaw, and its only made more glaringly obvious because of how the youngest AS in history explained very carefully how to avoid it. For someone so experienced, she comes off half-cocked when she meets Rand. She "knows" Rand needs her, but Rand doesn't know that. And the theory Luckers put in the OP does make an excellent case that he does, and she did good. But she very nearly failed horribly - because of a lack of preparation. She didn't research Rand, she didn't learn about how he was
  5. But Elayne being 17 when she meets Rand seems off - since she was waiting to go to the tower when she was old enough - which would have been when she was 16 - since after 18 they typically don't take Novices anymore. She did leave soon after - so maybe she was 16, but 17 seems a bit old. Is it explicitly stated that they are the same age (Egwene and Elayne)?
  6. It's fuzzy recollection - but I think an Aes Sedai said something about stripping the hide off of someone (or something to that effect) if they didn't do something. And I thought that it would have been impossible to keep that statement true if they hadn't been listened too because of the other oaths. I'll have to see if I can find it in the books. It might have been Siuan (pre-stilling) threatening to feed the girls to Silverpike.. something to that effect. I've always wondered about sarcasm, threats, and exaggeration. They don't happen a lot, but they happen sometimes.
  7. I don't see how they can't write a word that is untrue. Were I Aes Sedai, I don't think that one would hold me.
  8. I'm not sure if this is relevant but Elaida also has a collection of Ivory figurines - and knows the term. But it IS commented on how old they are... They use the word Ivory - they could do it while ignorant of its origins. It could be assumed to be a rock.
  9. I have this funny feeling that Rand will have to die to prevent his being turned to the Shadow (13x13). I think that maybe Alivia and Fain will be instrumental in causing this death. As to what happens after that - Rand taking over Morridin's body with Nyneave's help, or him being brought back from the dead or him being called from the horn - I don't know. But I have this suspicion, that Rand's death will be instrumental in his survival. To live (on as you are - a warrior for the light) you must die.
  10. Galad was born between 969NE and 972NE (War between Andor and Carhein ended 969, Tigraine ran to the Waste in 972) meaning that when the Trollocs attacked the Two Rivers (the first time), he was 26-29 years old. Novices are sent to the tower between 16 and 18 years old. My guess is that this would put Elayne at 15 (just shy of 16) when Rand meets her (she would have been sent to the tower as soon as possible). This makes her between 11 and 14 years younger than Galad. That is a HUGE age gap. Between this, and his propensity to tattle on her whenever she did anything wrong (no matter how f
  11. Perrin could lead an army of wolves... The great hunt and all - fighting against trollocs, half men, and dark hounds. no one else really has the power to do that. Also - I think Perrin might become more important post story (assuming he survives) rebuilding the world after it breaks.
  12. Isn't Mat going to go straight to the Field? They'll(Mat, Thom, Moiraine) wait until the next day when Grady opens the Gateway. Since Grady is with Perrin they'll be taken to the Field. Unless Grady will Travel to Caemlyn to open the Gateway for Mat? Even if he does I doubt Mat will run off to TV when he sees that the city was attacked. Guilt alone would probably keep him there. He'll get the horn eventually but I think a lot has to happen first. Mat sent a message with the Aes Sedai to give to the Amyrillin that he was going to stop by and pick up something that belonged to him. I'm p
  13. Most of the armies of Randland north of Tar Valon Mat heading to Tar Valon to retrieve something that belongs to him Tuon heading to Tar Valon to attack it. Maybe Mat had his good friend Artur Hawkwing set the Seanchan straight? Tells them their prophecies are whack and collaring channelers isn't such a good idea? Tuon's army meets Rand's army - realizes he's an emperor in his own right AND the dragon reborn, and thinks - maybe she isn't his equal but his lessor. Rand says "Hi Mat, Lead all these people to the Last Battle, I've got the Dark One to find." And everyone else
  14. I wonder if the regeneration effect from the Warder Bond is enough to counteract the poisoning?
  15. So Avi's viewing shows that if Rand Bows down to the Seanchan, then things are going to pretty much suck for the Aiel and Female channelers in general. Tuon is planning a MASSIVE assult on the white tower. Rand provoked Egwene into pulling a huge force to the white tower to stop Rand from breaking the seals. Whoever Egwene isn't bringing there seems to be coming anyway, or else is relatively close (The Band in Andor - various other Mercenary armies). Mat said he next stop was the tower to pick up something that belongs to him - the Horn of Valere presumably. Anyone else thi
  16. We learned in this book that Graendal controls Slayer (might have learned it before but it was news to me at the time) since she gave the Dreamspike to him to trap Perrin. So if Greandal was responsible for Asmodean's death, couldn't it have just been Slayer directed by her? The other 2 she was responsible for she didn't directly kill either.
  17. oh interesting... I always took "Father-brother" to be like Sister-wife - and assumed it was referring to Tam. The person who had adopted him - would be the person that his father trusted to raise him - who would be like a brother, but not by blood like an uncle and thus the hyphen.
  18. So Rand is the descendant of Rhea and the prince of Aridhol? "How Prince Caar came to be called Caar One-Hand. How he escaped the dungeons of Aridhol and fled alone to the Borderlands with Mordeth's unnatural assassins at his heels. How there he met Rhea, who did not know who he was, and married her, and set the skein in the Pattern that led to his death at her hands, and hers by her own hand before his tomb, and the fall of Aleth-loriel."
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