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  1. You have to remember the course of events (as we later learn them)... Suian was voted out by the bare minimum vote. So the removal of her from office was in accordance with Tower Law (or so many people were led to believe). For her warder to come rushing in to stop it, force was justifible to stop him. I was never under the impression that he was stabbed in the back as he strolled down the hallway, but that he was killed because he was trying to fight his way in.
  2. It comes up in the reading somewhere. It is a couple books later, and Suian is talking to Egwene, I think. If I remember correctly, the initial shock of the situation didn't let her fell his death. Once she was alone in the prison cell, it all came rushing back to her.
  3. This is basically the reason why so many predicted that Demandred was in Murandy rather than Shara - it just felt like it was too late to introduce the Sharans in a big role. Turns out, we were half right - Demandred was in Shara, but it really was too late for them to be introduced in such a big role and have it not seem like an army of convenience. (This also means that Rand's suspicion of Roedran doesn't feel as natural as our suspicion of Roedran did - we narrowed him down to be the last viable candidate based on evidence Rand simply didn't have, and out of story lines of thought that don't make sense for Rand, so his "if not Roedran, then who?" feels out of place.) I want to split my army of convienience into two parts: (1) My issue is with the Sharans, and Mr Ares hit the concept how I was feeling too. (2) I have no issue with the turned, male Aiel channelers, nor the city that they lived in. A little more foreshadowing would have been nice, but the concept was within the realm of possibility with the information provided. We knew about the male Aiel heading to the Blight. We knew about Trollocs doing raids in the Borderlands and taking people back to the Blight (thought to be for the cookpots, but could they have been for breeding purposes with the male aiel??), and we knew about the ability to forcefully turn a channeler. I would have been more happy with an army made up of the standard dark creatures, turned aiel dreadlords, and "human" soldiers that were the non-channeling offspring of the aiel and capture borderlanders. In theory, enough time would have passed that a decent non-creature army could have been assembled.
  4. Likes: 1. I am glad the someone finished the story. I would have been happy with a photocopied version of some notes just to learn how the story ends. At least we received someone that tried to deliver the story with some meat to it. 2. Excellent turning points in the characters stories. Each character had one or multiple instances that helped them develope into the character that they became. 3. Fantastic story developed in a wonderful world. This really deserves multiple lines. Dislikes: 1. The developement of minor characters - while it gave the world depth, but too many minor characters were given too much page time. This lead to characters hanging around a lot longer even when their purpose was served. In the end, it left a lot of open story lines that disappointed me since these characters were built up but never received closure. 2. The over development of various storylines - too much page time was spent on Faile's rescue and Perrin tying knots in a cord. Too much page time was spent on the dwindling supplies of the rebel AS and how hard it was to find candle wax. I am not saying that the story lines were not needed, but just developed to much while others suffered. I would have gladly traded page time to learn what Halima was doing to subvert the rebel AS instead of just giving Eg headaches. I would have traded the page time to learn more about Messana's actions in the White Tower during the split. 3. The Foresaken where wimps - Here you had people that fed entire cities to the Trollocs or turned family members against each other on a city wide basis or developed new creatures for the dark side. Yes, I understand that they were lacking the technology to pull some of this off, but they still had the knowledge and the experience. Out of all of them, I would say that Taim was the only one that started to rise to the level of evilness that the stories protrayed. 4. An army of convienience - Yes, the darkside made up an army out of nowhere for the last battle. No hints, no clues, no dying aiel six books ago saying he saw something. I would have like it better if the Shaido were recruited en masse for the darkside or if the entire Illian army went over. I would have been happy with Trollocs or Fades that learned how to channel, but instead I got an army out of nowhere that should have wiped the light side off the map if the second best general ever would have actually been a general during the last battle. 5. Everybondy finding the love of their life - Rand with the three, Mat with Tuon, Perrin with Faile, Egwene with Gaywn, Nynaeve with Lan, Suian with Bryne, Morianne with Thom, Morgase with Tallavnor, Gaul and Chiad/Bair?. Just way too much love going around.
  5. I disagree with Perrin's soul and "The Gambler". The pattern spins out ta'veren as needed to help restore a balance. These could be light side or dark side ta'veren. It just so happens that in this age, the pattern spun out three powerful ta'veren from the same town.
  6. I don't think that is really being fair to Avi. She did spend a lot tme with Rand trying to teach him the Aiel ways. I would actaully go as far as saying that Avi got to know Rand better before they had any sexual relations. I will agree that Min probably knows Rand the best, but I wouldn't group Avi and Elayne in the same group. From my point of view, Avi knows Rand a lot better than Elayne.
  7. I'm not saying that you are wrong or trying to start and argument but I am curious to know where and how you came across this information. I've always felt that the turning of the wheel must proceeded as you've described. The only thing that seems to stand against this is Moridin's game piece, The Fisher. When Moridin examines this game piece he notes some striking similarities to Rand and surmises that this may represent a memory that has survived a full turning of the wheel. If this is true then is seems to imply that the ages do, in fact, repeat themselves verbatim. I still agree that the ages are the same thematically with each turning of the wheel but differ greatly in detail. The Fisher does, however, provide some food for thought. There are quotes out there by Robert Jordan to this effect. The general theme of ideal world > evil/darkside rises > a dark period > champion comes along > reverts back to an ideal world is the repeating theme of the wheel. Infinite iterations are possible, like perhaps the darkside "won" and the dark period last four times as long then the previous turning. Over the ages, the details are lost, but the general theme is passed along in stories and legends. It is a person's soul that is tied to the wheel and not the physical representation of the person. I read a lot of Moridin's parts as remembering the soul and not the body, and it cleared up a lot of the history and previous turnings for me.
  8. Regarding Hinderstrap(sp?) in The Gathering Storm and their role in A Memory of Light, do we know if these were... 1. Robert Jordan written? 2. In the notes, but Brandon fleshed them out? 3. All Brandon?
  9. The icing on the cake for Lan's charge through the Trolloc horde was the Two River's longbows plucking off Trollocs and lighting the way.
  10. I thin k it is the difference between Robert Jordan's military and military history background and Brandon Sanderson's lack of such. Some of the smaller battles in the previous couple of books might have been easier to portray Mat's military genius, but in the final, epic battle, I think Sanderson was missing that little bit of personal experience to put the edge into this writing.
  11. Seeing how the phrase comes from Lan, look at it from his point of view... He lost his family/kingdom/heritage/land/people/etc to the Shadow and Blight. It has been said many times that he is fighting a one man war against the Shadow. It would have been easy for him to ride headlong into the Blight and probably have a quick death. He would have gone out trying to avenge his family/kingdom/heritage/land/people/etc. by fighting the quick fight. Instead he chose to fight the long war against the shadow that had better odds of winning than a quick death.
  12. I agree AFTER the seals were broken. BS could have used just as many words by saying that Shadar Haran crumbled into non-existence once the seals were broken. This would have furthered Shadar Haran's true role as a phyiscal manfiestation of the Dark One (i.e. the Dark One is free and doesn't need a manifestation). Instead we are left with the main servant of the Dark One disposing of the physical manifestation of the Dark One. It was another poor delivery in the final book just to wrap up a plot line.
  13. As described in the books, even looking right at them, you may not see them. Makes it tough to kill them if you can't see them. Actaully, due to his luck, Mat might be the best at killing them since a random toss of a knife might land true.
  14. Along the lines of the double bond, think of the death implications. In a normal AS+Warder bond, if the AS dies, the warder goes into a rage. If he warder dies, it is a huge wave of emotion for the AS. With the double bond, if Pervera dies, does Androl go into a warder rage while fighting off the wave of emotions?
  15. Oh, yes, I am aware of that. But it still felt to me like the information was dumped on the reader quite suddenly. I think that perhaps it would have been better if the text had been more explicit that these relevations about Callandor were the fruit of Min's research, or if the revelations had been foreshadowed a bit (e.g., Min tells Rand that she has found out something important about Callandor, but we don't find out what it is until later in the book). Even a passing scene with Min discussing something with Rand. To me, this was a vital part of the Last Battle that had been foreshadowed in the previous books, but we are left with an off screen transfer of the information. Heck, BS could have worked in like... As Avi approached Rand's tent, she felt a surge of excitement and weight lifted off of Rand through the bond. Min exited the tent right as Avi pulled open the flap.
  16. One sentence or passing comment closure for a variety of items in aMoL was a bit overused. I appreciate that these things got wrapped up instead of left dangling out there, but more than a few words would have been nice.
  17. Gray men = hard to spot, no distinguishing features, your gaze just slides right off them. They are just as mortal as any other human (if you can see them to hit them). I don't know if there have been discussions on how many gray men there are. Make great assassins. Gholam = This is a specail construct. Not human at all. The one power does not harm them. Unlike other contructs, they can travel through a gateway. Only a handful were ever made. Easy to see, but moves like quick silver. Seem to have been constructed as an assassin of channelers.
  18. I am chalking the Nakomi character up to "blown out of proportion". The fans did it with Asmodean and Taim. RJ/BS did it with the BUT and "_____ in the Blight". All were such a dissapointment when revealed. They have one more book to sell, so why not keep fanning the flames.
  19. It happens to more than just Taim. I think it was RJ's writing style. When the lower tiered character is needed for the plot, he/she is pretty much a bad ass. Then he/she falls to near irrelevance once the major reason for that character being around is resolved. That character will get a random mention here and there, but nothing like earlier. To me, it happened to almost everyone that wasn't Rand, Perrin, and Mat. Just look at the posts for various characters regarding the lack of closure or lack of relevance at the end.
  20. I would have changed it up only slightly. Let Gawyn head off to find Demandred using the bloodrings. While he is going there, Egwene dies. So now Gawyn is filled with the warder rage. The bloodrings plus the warder rage lets Gawyn succeed, but he still dies. So the body count remains the same. Galad shouldn't have ever fought Demandred. He always does what is right, and that was not "right" in the grand scheme of things. I viewed Galad's attempt at Demandred as selffish. Lan had already accomplished enough at the Gap and then again at FoM. Killing Demandred just seemed like another accomplishment that gets lost in everything he did.
  21. I think that was true for many of the characters. Rather than giving that story line full and complete closure, RJ appeared to just let people stick around without a true role any more. It took me a while to realize that in the books, but looking back I can see that it happened many times throughout the series. Many people here have mentioned/complained that "favorite character X" didn't get any real page time in aMoL. Looking at that person's stroyline, most of the time, that person's role was done in the book.
  22. That reminds me. What would happen if Androl was to direct Taims balefire back so that it hit Taim? I've always considered this as the exception to the balefire "burning your thread back in time" feature. It just wouldn't be possible to balefire yourself back in time. I think that the person's thread would just end right then and there. Or, it could rip a hole in the time-space continuum.
  23. Didn't even really cause a ripple in the Empire.
  24. There was also a comment by BS about how to end one of the books. He knew that Perrin was behind but he was reaching the page limit for the book. To conclude the book, it could have been a "boring" Perrin chapter or and more "exciting" chapter with a different PoV. The team made the decision to end the book with a different character which left Perrin still behind. Poor planning at best, but this goes back to my thoughts of the wasted pages on the Shaido/Faile/Perrin storyline.
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