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  1. The late Seana was also a non-channeler DreamWalker - there could be others, since people can randomly do it once in a while. I always thought that Elyas could enter T'A'R, but now that I think about it, has he ever been mentioned in conjunction with T'A'R? I just assumed the Elyas could enter the Wolf Dreams as well.
  2. 1. My all time favorite (and mentioned a few times already) is the Mat vs. Galad and Gawyn in TV after he is healed. Not only was it a great scene from the aspect that he bested two great swordsmen, but that he got his gold to start gambling. Mat's cash fortune can be traced back to that beginning. 2. I really enjoyed many of the scenes with Mat's and Perrin's early "military command". Mat's style is more "tried-and-true" tactics from his various memories or reflex actions from his memories. Perrin's style was more guerilla warfare. The two writing styles of RJ to grasp these two different military styles was ingenious. 3. Any time Mat says time to toss the dice. 4. The scenes where the AS are trying to figure out Mat's medallion. Especially once they figure out a physical item (stone) propelled with the source can still affect him. I could just picture mat getting hit by random stones. 5. I need to re-read the chapter to get it exact, but when the Blackguard came into Mat's camp looking for Toun. 6. Lan saving Ny from drowning.
  3. At this point, I feel that learning who killed Asmodean will be a huge let down.
  4. Here is my take on what will happen with the armies... Lan's forces will start falling behind. At the crucial moment, AS will show up to turn the tide. I have been thinking that the AS have to redeem themselves for letting Malkier fall before. Lan will receive some sort of deathblow, but since Nyn is a super-healer, she will invent the first powerwrought difibrilator and bring him back to life. Lan and Nyn will rule Malkier. Mat's forces will show up at one of these battles with tanks and/or mobile artillery. Between the cannons and the steam engines that were being invented at one of the schools, this just seems to fit. I am leaning towards the Borderlanders being part of Lan's forces mentioned above. Some unforeseen amry will show up out of no where and save the day/attack from the flank. Either from Shara (sp?) or from the Seanchan. I guess this could the borderlanders as well. Matheraen (sp?) will be reborn since a trolloc horde will show up there, and Perrin's forces will be poised to fight them back in a "Remember the Alamo" type of way. The final battle will involve Fain some how. I think Fain is the patch for the bore or a welding rod or conduit to apply the patch. My thought run that Fain is a different kind of evil from the DO; therefore, he can't be tainted by the DO. Also, he is of this world; therefore, he can be applied to the bore.
  5. Yeah, but it's magic. If it can call the heroes of legend back from the grave, it can also stop itself from rusting. I always throught it more powerwrought like some of the heron marked blades.
  6. I am leaning more towards a tank or mobile artillery. Remember that the inventors at one of the schools created a steam engine that only moved a small distance.
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