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  • #112: Final predictions for A Memory of Light (Legacy episode)

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    The 4th Age podcast team

    With the release of A Memory of Light upon us, the podcasters take a moment to tie up some loose ends, and talk about their predictions for some of the minor characters.


    Warning: SPOILER ALERT! In this episode, the Podcasters talk about all the Wheel of Time that has been released, including the promotional bits of A Memory of Light. If you haven't read all the pre-released bits of A Memory of Light, you may wish to hold of on listening to this until you have. Of course, at that point, you'll have probably read the book already, and can laugh when we get everything absolutely wrong.


    Be sure to check out Dragonmount.com for forums, comments and all the latest news in the Wheel of Time world.


    ATTENTION! THERE ARE NOTHING BUT TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT SPOILERS in this podcast! Also, spoilers on ALL the other books are VERY likely! If you haven’t read all the way through the Wheel of Time, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS of all the previous books! Maybe of other book series, TV series, and movies as well, too, or anything ELSE we can think of in the known and unknown universe…. we will try to give warning. No guarantees, however.


    Andrew, Virginia and Spencer are joined by Richard.


    Edited by Spencer.


    Music by: Josh Needleman His website is at www.joshneedleman.net and he has the music available to hear on his MySpace page at www.myspace.com/joshneedleman. It’s title is Floodgate. Thanks, Josh!

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