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  • #065: NSFW episode (Legacy episode)

    The 4th Age podcast team

    From the depths of a newly uncovered stasis box we came across this “lost” episode, which we affectionately refer to as “The Ta’veren Date Rape Episode”. A bit racier than our usual, definitely PG-13, but not nearly as shocking as it sounds! No ta’veren were harmed in the making of this episode, nor were any of their dates, real or imaginary. Unless you quail at the mention of pillow friends, you’ll be okay….and hopefully, gentle readers, you won’t think it deserved to stay lost! Some have called it one of our funniest yet. You shall be the judge. But please, no balefire!


    The title comes from a misunderstanding of something that was said, and it rolled on from there. Regulars Andrew G and Virginia and former host and producer Andrew M feature in this strange little episode. In real time it was recorded around the time of the “Geopolitical Ramifications” episodes.


    It isn’t really Explicit, but I checked that just in case anyone is silly enough to play podcasts over their speakers at work – and who does that, really? I mean, unless you WANT to get fired, or your job is as a reviewer at iTunes or something! ? in which case, I want to know where to apply for your job! – Virginia

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