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  • #062: The Gathering Storm - First impressions (Legacy episode)

    The 4th Age podcast team

    Virginia welcomes to this episode two of Dragonmount.com‘s preeminent citizens – owner and founder Jason Denzel, and Jennifer Liang, the driving force behind JordanCon and DragonCon. Our regular team of podcasters is still reading through The Gathering Storm and will be back on the air with their thoughts shortly. Recorded on October 29th, the Thursday after the release of TGS, we offer you our first impressions of the long-awaited 12th book in the main WoT series!


    This episode is pretty much one huge spoiler for The Gathering Storm, so if you haven’t finished reading it or don’t have your copy yet, you may want to come back to this episode later! THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.


    In the interest of getting this out as quickly as possible, I, Virginia, edited it myself as rapidly as I could manage, therefore any errors or technical issues are 100% my fault this time!

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