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Forum Roundup: May 18-24

Aemons Glory

Welcome to the latest installment of the Forum Roundup.  Here I aim to bring you the brightest and best from around the Dragonmount forums.


I will begin with a post from the Aiel Social Group entitled "Naming kids after Wheel of Time characters." A son named Rand, a daughter named Aviendah? Where do you stand on this?  To dig a little deeper into the subject, what is in a name?  Could you trust a man named Mazrim? Would you leave your husband alone with a woman named Berelain? Is this maybe a little too far to go as a fan?  Have your say on the Aiel's forum.


If you are familiar with the Forum Roundup, you may have noticed that I am a poetry enthusiast.  So any poetry posted is sure to find its way on to my posts.  This offering was posted by Shadar Alantin during a night of insomnia. The darkest verse, and therefore the best in my opinion, reads:


Mistakes have been made, my soul has been lost,

If I ever find my way can I pay the cost?

If this has piqued your interest, find the rest on the Wolfkin Social Group.


Again from the Wolfkin's forum, who are feeling especially inquisitive at the minute: "Where do you read?"  This should be a topic close to all of our hearts.  Definitely mine.  I love to read in bed or in front of a roaring fire--if I can find one.  Other offerings are at a desk, on a couch, and on a train, in Spain, in the rain. If you have anything else to add, visit the Wolfkin and join the discussion.


The latest "Fantasy Review" is of Peter Ourillion's Trial of Intention, due out May 26th.  It can be preordered from Dragonmount's eBook store here!


Remember to keep checking Dragonmount's Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date with everything Wheel of Time.

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