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Forum Roundup: March 9-15

Aemons Glory

Hello and welcome to another installment of the Forum Roundup.  I aim to bring you the brightest and best from around the Dragonmount forums.


I will begin with saying goodbye to yet another author of some superb fantasy novels; Terry Pratchett, the author of the Discworld series, died at age 66. His books have sold a staggering 85 million worldwide and he was the UK's best selling author of the 1990's.  Sadly Pratchett had been suffering with Alzheimer's disease and died on the 12th of March, 2015. I will join in the petition asking Death to hand him back and I ask you to do the same.  Join the petition here.


The Aiel Social Group has been doing a spot of blind dating, with a twist.  An Aiel twist.  Don't worry boys, it doesn't involve being taught to sing or having to fight any members of her family/society. Only answering some probing questions.  So if you're looking for love and don't mind being probed, head over to the Aiel Social Group.


The BBC has published a list of 100 books that it believes everybody should read; it has been pointed out that this list is largely British based. But the BBC is after all the British Broadcasting Company, so what can you expect?  I've read ten so far, and I'm approximately a third of the way through my life, so using some basic math, I think that I may need to speed up on the reading front.  If I could just stop reading the same fourteen books over and over and over maybe this would be a little easier!!  


The article "How Feminism Hurts Men," featured last week, is still going strong in the White Tower forums, and is causing some good discussion.  And to further Women's History Month,  Dragonmount's Twitter has tweeted a lovely picture of Moraine Damodred, showing Moraine looking every inch the Aes Sedai she is described to be in the books.


And from Dragonmount's Facebook page:




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