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Forum Roundup: June 22-28

Aemons Glory

Welcome to another installment of the Forum Roundup.  Here I aim to bring you all of the brightest and best from around the Dragonmount forums, and all of the big news from The Wheel of Time world.


I will begin with something dark; almost as dark as the souls of the members of the Shayol Ghul Social Group. They have continued their thread entitled "Which Wheel of Time character would you kill off?"  They really should seek some kind of help.  I have featured this post before but it seems to be rather popular and keeps popping up on my radar.  Faile seems to be a popular one, although I can't imagine why!  The last time I mentioned this thread I decided that Galad would be my victim of choice and I'm sticking with that.  


On a lighter note, member Elgee has started a thread on the Tuath'an Social Group entitled "I color you Tinker."  She has posted some lovely and colorful pictures of possible Tinker garb.  Click the link above to see some fashions that would make a Tinker blush.


The Ogier are feeling a tad mischievous lately.  They have a thread that is sure to ruffle some feathers: "Which Wheel of Time is honestly the best?"  If there was ever a question to cause some heated debate then this would be it!  I personally am a sucker for a prequel, so New Spring is my favorite.  The dynamic between Lan and Moraine is superb! 


To finish up, I want to confess something really weird.  Or at least share some of the weird confessions coming from the Wolfkin Forum.  This post confirms something that I have feared for quite some time now--that the Wolfkin bunch are all a bit strange.


Some of the highlights of this "Weird Confessions" thread include:


Hiding snacks from there own off spring so they don't need to share.

Hating the Goonies (What? Why?)

And Smeagol being someones hero!


And lastly, Tor.com is releasing previews of The Wheel of Time Companion, due out November 3rd, 2015.  The first preview has been posted on Tor's website, and we have a thread dedicated to discussing it.  This post covered strength of men and women in the One Power.  Join in the conversation!



Remember to keep checking Dragonmount's Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest news.  Thanks for reading.

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