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Forum Roundup: April 6-12

Aemons Glory

Welcome to another edition of the Forum Roundup, where I aim to bring you the brightest and most interesting items from the Dragonmount forums. 


I must first apologize for my absence these last two weeks.  The first week was due to my 30th Birthday celebrations dragging me away from the computer; the second was no real fault of my own, rather a geographical problem.   I was led to believe that you can get a phone signal in the Sahara, but in the Lakes District area of the UK, there is no Wi-Fi, no phone signal, and worst of all no sun--only rain!  So I hope that you except my apologies and continue to enjoy this blog.


I will begin with something completely different and slightly unexpected from the Aiel Social Group: a discussion on the quality of life.  The main questions being asked are: What defines a good quality of life?  Is it health?  Happiness?  The money you make or the things that you achieve?  Answering these philosophical questions could take some soul searching and a great deal of time.  In my modest opinion--money is not a factor.  If you have a good quality of life, that is the thing that makes you happy.  By process of elimination that leaves health and the things that you achieve.  I would like to add in the people we surround ourselves with as another extremely important factor.  I may have just outlined a simple three point plan for the things that I need to change in my own life.  This can only lead to huge amounts of pondering and beard scratching.


640px Cleveland Museum Of Art   damaged Thinker

"Cleveland Museum of Art - damaged Thinker" by Daderot


The next topic is from the Ogier Social Group, another brain teaser, albeit a bit less serious and potentially life changing.  This is a problem that all of us men have been in at some point: there are three beautiful women in love with you, and you can only chose one--happens to me all of the time!


WOT Rands Wives FINAL

"Rand's Wives" by Ariel Burgess


It's the three ladies in love with Rand that are the subject of this post and it has seen quite a heated debate over who the victor is: Min, Aviendha or Elayne.  In my opinion, Rand has no chance.  Whomever he chooses, he will not survive a day.  The choice should really between which way he would rather die: Min's daggers,  Aviendha's spear, or Elayne's balefire!


Staying with the Ogier Social Group, exceptional trees are the next topic they choose tackle (keeping within the Ogier theme).  There are some wonderful pictures of peoples favorites. This particular one is mine.


Angel Oak 8 L

The Angel Oak in Charleston, South Carolina


This is a beautiful tree; it must be hundreds if not thousands of years old!  Take a look at the Ogier forum for some more tree hugging shenanigans.


Things take a dark twist here with the Shayol Ghul Social Group lowering the tone once again with, "Which Wheel of Time character would you kill?"  I think the people over in Shayol Ghul may need to sit down and talk about there feelings with a qualified person.  So who would I kill.... Galad, definitely Galad; he's just so smug and handsome and self righteous.  I would do it in the study, with the revolver... and the candlestick just to make sure.  That was quite therapeutic!



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