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Episode 4 Twitter Watch Party

Katy Sedai
  • Join us on November 26th as we watch Episode 4: The Dragon Reborn!

Join Dragonmount on Nov 26th at 5pm PT for a live Twitter watch party of Episode 4: The Dragon Reborn!


Start the episode at 5 pm and follow along for our commentary and insights.


Then watch our live stream with Jason and Kathy as they dive into a spoiler filled discussion of Episode 4! You’ll find the livestream on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


Update: Thanks everyone for joining us! Here's a link to the Twitter thread and to the video stream that followed immediately after. 





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I'm giving the show a chance, even though it looks like the creator's read The Wheel Of Time cliffnotes and made a show around them. 

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Literally what is the point of these reviews? We all know that Dragonmount would never have the guts to actually criticize this show or offer any sort of substantive commentary on it. I clicked on this to give it a chance, but the second essay writer used the word "subtle" to describe the Dragon's Fang showing up in the trolloc's blood cloud, I gave up.  Loved her first book in this series, and loved this one even more. Great plot, expertly paced. I could picture this book as I read it. Love that the characters, even minor ones, are fully realized, complete with back stories. The plot and ending, the villains, were not over the top and the story felt authentic because of this. I am hooked and have the next installment downloaded.

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