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Weekly Musings of an Insane Firebird: Steins;Gate

Gabriel Kross

Have you ever wished you could travel through time, or change events that have happened in the past? I know I have, even as recently as the past week.


There may be spoilers for those who are interested in this, but I attempted to keep them vague.


Steins;Gate is an anime about time travel and changing the past. It follows the character Okabe Rintarō, who calls himself Hōōin Kyōma, as he tries to solve the mysteries of time travel. Due to an unfortunate incident, the effects of fiddling with time start to unravel the future. Along the way, Okabe gets more and more people to join his lab, and they start to bond, so everything seems to be going well. However, just when things are looking up for the Future Gadget Laboratory, things start to go horribly wrong. Okabe then refuses to accept things the way they are, so he tries to affect time even more to fix it. They begin to realize that the more they try to change the things that were originally supposed to happen, the worse things got. To fix everything, he had to ask people to give up the things they got in order to fix the bigger picture.


Well, that's about it. I would like to conclude by saying that the more we dwell on our pasts, the more we lose our futures. I hope that line will be of help to some of you.

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