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A Roll of the Dice: "Con" of the Red Hand


Greeting all! It is Thursday again meaning it is time for another installment of the Rotating Features blog! The dice have been been tossed and the featured topic has been chosen.

If you have not already done so, mark April 17-19, 2015 on your calendars, JordanCon 7 approaches! Yes it is time for fans of The Wheel of Time to take over a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia for a weekend full of awesome panels, guest authors, old and newly met friends, as well as games! It is one of the few events I am truly saddened by the fact I must miss it. Honestly, it was one of the funnest conventions I have ever been to, and I have been to more than a few.

What sets JordanCon aside from other conventions? My personal answer is the intimacy of the whole weekend. While I have had a few meets with celebrities at bigger conventions, they only chat with a fan for a few minutes before their security rushes them away, or until another fan completely freaks out over meeting them and forces said celebrity to leave. At JordanCon you can actually just have a conversation with many of the special guests randomly, and it's no big deal! The other thing I love about JordanCon is the attendees are all super friendly. I am serious on this one. I think this is because everyone there has one common love, and this is the wonderful writing of Robert Jordan

Aside from the wonderful environment of the convention itself, there are always great panels and things to do all weekend for all types of fans. Want to talk about strictly Wheel of Time topics? You will be hard pressed to find an hour without something Wheel of Time related going on. Want to branch out and look at something different? Go to one of the horror or steampunk panels! Want to polish off some writing skill? There are multiple writing seminar panels throughout the weekend. Maybe you just want to vent a little rage or show off your skills with a weapon. Sign up for the Blademaster's tournament and earn your title! There are a ton of things to do at JordanCon. If it is your first JordanCon, or even if it isn't, I highly suggest the "Speed Friending" panel. It was actually a wonderful way to meet a bunch of fellow convention goers and they have great ways to break the ice. Last year it was, who is your least favorite Wheel of Time character, and yes, I stand by my opinion on Elayne being horrible.

This year of course has a whole new set of panels and guests along with some old favorites. This year's Author Guest of Honor is Saladin Ahmed and the Artist Guest of honor is Todd Lockwood. There also a plethora of special guests and of course Harriet McDougal and some others from Team Jordan will be there as well. 

The convention costs $55.00 for a pre-registered three day pass, the price is $65.00 for a three day pass at the door. You can find more details on purchasing admission, finding a hotel, what guests will attend as well as a schedule of the panels here at JordanCon 7 website. I highly encourage going to this convention if you have a chance.

As always I hope you enjoyed this installment of the rotating feature blog. Sorry for my recent absence, I had to move half way around the world, literally! More on this in next week's blog where you will all learn a little about me! Until next week, this is Azeryn signing off to wonder around a foreign company looking for a spa with doctor fish!

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