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Dragonmount's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Katy Sedai
  • We've found the best gifts for the Wheel of Time fan in your life (even if that's yourself)! 

Katy is a news contributor for Dragonmount. You can follow her as she shares her thoughts on The Wheel of Time TV Show on Instagram and Twitter @KatySedai



Welcome to the 2022 Dragonmount Holiday Gift Guide! We’ve rounded up all the best Wheel of Time themed gifts from artists and small businesses. We've also opened up the brand new Dragonmount Merchandise Shop with lots of cool new gear. 





Books & Official Merchandise

  • First up is licensed merch and books. Origins of the Wheel of Time ($ 14.99) delves deep into the lore that inspired Robert Jordan. A must-have for anyone who loves to re-read the series.


  • For those book collectors located in the UK , Orbit is publishing this gorgeous version of The Eye of the World (£85).



  • The second is the gold Aes Sedai ring  by Jalic blades inspired from the TV series on Prime Video ($60). Plated gold with semi-precious stones for each ajah.



  • The last piece of official merchandise is this incredible, limited-series serpent watch from Tockr ($449). Engraved with The Wheel of Time logo on the back. (Currently out of stock, but perhaps returning soon?)




Dragonmount Merchandise & JordanCon



  • Also, lots of drink vessels to choose from. Our favorite is this epic beer stein ($29).


  • Another fantastic gift is a three-day membership to JordanCon ($55). JordanCon is a small fantasy literature convention started in honor of The Wheel of Time author, Robert Jordan. JordanCon 2023 is taking place April 21-23 in Atlanta, Georgia.






Unofficial Merch Inspired by The Wheel of Time

  • For anyone who has the full hardcover The Wheel of Time collection, these book jackets from Juniper books make an incredible statement on your bookshelf ($225).


  • If you've always wanted your own twisted ring ter'angreal, you'll want this Möbius strip ($35). From the description: Mobius Strip is a surface with only one side (when embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space) and only one boundary curve. 


  • This fox head pendant looks a lot like one we imagine a trickster gambler wears ($161). We think Mat Cauthon approves. 


  • If wolves are more your spirit animal, this wolf brother candle is inspired by our favorite Blacksmith ($23). 








  • Fans of the new The Wheel of Time TV show will appreciate this cute Green Ajah mug ($14.50), and this greeting card with Daniel Henny's Lan ($6). 






  • Wheel of Time fans love to cosplay, and you can't play Moiraine without the kesiera, the pendant with a blue stone that Moiraine wears in her hair ($19.99). Anyone looking for a simple Warder cosplay can pop on this I'm her Warder t-shirt and be in character ($23.20)


  • If you need to fill your home with Wheel of Time art, you can drink your tea (or ale) out of this Aes Sedai Tankard ($43).


  • The last recommendation we have is Corey Lansdell gorgeous art inspired by the TV show. We especially love Rosamund Pike as Moiraine ($46.94)


What Wheel of Time gifts are on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Recommended Comments

As a heads up, the Jalic Blades ring has been continuously pushed back in its preorder timeframes.


Originally slated to mail in late October, then late November, now late December.  


The company is terrible at informing preorder backers of the shift, and the only way to tell is to go onto the site and search for the ring to see if they updated the text. 


I’m not saying that it won’t be produced, or won’t be entirely worth it, as with any preorder there is an understood level of uncertainty. (I for one still am preordered and plan to wait it out.)


That said they have posted only a single FB update saying its taking longer than expected, this back after they missed the October target, and they do not respond to questions asked through their customer service link. 


Do maybe wait till they settle the boondoggle they find themselves in with the ring before buying - cuz it sure as heck looks like this isn’t gonna make it in time for the holidays. 


(Note that they do offer full refunds for cancellations up through the actual shipping so this is less about “risk” and more about a holiday gift guide suggestion missing the holiday)

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Jalic Blades Aes Sedai Ring Preorder delivery estimate has officially shifted to January 2023. So it is now 4 months behind original estimates.

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