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Fan Art Friday: Halloween

Seafolk Sedai

Welcome once again to Friday, and Fan Art!


Halloween--a time for things that go bump in the night. Creepy crawlies, scary stories, childhood nightmares.



Eye of the World, by Boros Szikszai


But not just these things. The modern version of Halloween has grown out of ancient festivals honoring the dead, and the ancestors. In the intermediate years, it has been seen as a time when the dead can walk the earth, because the barrier between the lands of the living and the dead was thinned or even gone. One well-known festival is Samhain, which is celebrated largely on the British Isles, but there are many, many others.


Of  course, not just ghosts were able to get through. Demons, fairies, and other hellish or ephemeral creatures walked the night as well.



Goat-horned Trolloc by T-biddy


Nowadays, of course, Halloween looks a little different. Children dress in costume and go door to door soliciting candy--a tradition which also has deep roots. There are still aspects of darkness in the holiday, though, despite it's seeming childishness.



Draghkar by Cadavis3


There are two holidays in The Wheel of Time world that correlate to our Halloween: Amaetheon and Shaoman.


Amaetheon is celebrated everywhere except the Borderlands and is a day of remembrance for the dead. Shaoman is a children's holiday, in which they are celebrated, given gifts, and in some places they go door to door singing songs--and are rewarded with sweets.



Nynaeve Birgitte Moghedien and Liandrin by Myed89


In celebration of the day, I've collected some of my favorite Wheel of Time creepy crawlies: Trollocs, Fades, Dragkhar, and yes, even Moghedien! (Personally, I find Semirhage to be scarier, but Moghedien was the one about whom stories were told to small children.)


What's the scariest character/creature in Wheel of Time to you?



Myrddraal by BloodRedFullMoon


Happy Halloween, and Blessed Samhain!

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