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Wheel of Time Companion Nominated for World Fantasy Award


It was with great pleasure today that Dragonmount learned The Wheel of Time Companion had been nominated for a prestigious World Fantasy Award. This award honors the very best in fantasy literature and art each year. They are awarded by the World Fantasy Convention, which will take place this year in Columbus, Ohio on October 27-30. The Companion is nominated in the category of Special Award, Professional. The World Fantasy Award, alongside the Hugo and the Nebula awards, is considered one of the highest honors in speculative fiction. 


The Wheel of Time Companion was edited by Harriet McDougal, Maria Simons and Alan Romanczuk. Harriet was the primary editor of the series, as well as the wife of author Robert Jordan. Alan and Maria both served as continuity editors for the series. The Companion is an encyclopedia style compendium of the characters, places and objects named in The Wheel of Time series. Some sections were taken directly from Jordan's vast notes. 


We do not yet know if any members of Team Jordan plan on attending the award ceremony. In 2014, when the series was nominated for a Hugo, both Harriet and Maria traveled to the London WorldCon and appeared on programming.



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Sooner or later high expectations will disappoint you.


I will start out by saying that I immensely enjoyed TWOT companion. Before this book came out, like a lot of people I did not know what to expect from the companion. Meaning I did not know what kind of book it would be. I was expecting it to be similiar to The World of RJ The Wheel of Time reference book. And so, when I picked this book up at the bookstore, took a quick glance inside and was disappointed by what I saw.


That was last year. I read the companion about a month and a half ago from beginning to end and thought it was a great book. The best I can make out is that TWOT companion is one huge encyclopedia for TWOT series. Almost anything that you can think of related to this series is in the book as well as a few other suprises.However: NEW READERS BE ADVISED. THIS BOOK HAS TONS OF SPOILERS AND REVEALS ALMOST EVERYTHING IN TWOT BOOKS 1-14. So if you have just started TWOT recently, you might want to consider finishing the series before you read this book all the way through.


Now, going back to the first sentence about high expectations. This is what i am talking about. After WH was released in 2000 and with the awesome ending for that book, when news of COT was released I had high expectations and was expecting it be even better than its predecessor. I did not know what to think the first time I read COT. After reading it a second time and then some I thought it was pretty good and not as bad as some people make it out to be. I also think COT might have been RJ geniuos.


The reason I put this out there about high expectations has to do with news about TWOT being made into a tv series or movie or whatever. I know it will be some years before we see TWOT on tv or the big screen. I just know that I am keeping low expectations for TWOT tv series or movie. Hopefully this way I will not be too upset whatever the outcome. I just wanted to put that out there. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

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