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Found 10 results

  1. Roll call! If you're here and keen to RP with the BT in 2018, say so here! Things are gonna be simplified, and we're taking expressions of interest from anyone at the moment. Current members: give us your character details Future players: Come say hi! March/April 2018 Rhys - (Phelix) Nox - (Matalina) Skechid - (Wayward_fool) Dashiva Somtaaw - Attack Leader (706Somtaaw) ??? ?New Characters - (Dice, Cass, Jagen, Phenix)
  2. Anyone interested in a series of shortish rp prompts based on passages from the books? The first one I have in mind involves the destructive, sulphurous wind from Dragonmount that is mentioned in Chapter 1 of KoD. The idea would be that the same wind affects the Citadel, the Stedding, the Farm and anywhere else Alliance members wish to be when it hits. Think sudden cyclonic-type conditions (perhaps with that eerie calm in between two rounds) of dangerous flying debris and destruction, injuries, ash, stink of the Dark One, general chaos... ? Just looking for expressions of interest and: - Preference for a day or night event (books follow the wind at night, we could do either); - Ideas for major damage/events concerning people/property in each group (if desired); and - Whether people think the cyclonic wind is enough or want some extra bubble-of-evil-esque action too (eg. Being attacked by a herd of ghost trollocs/other weird event ideas?)
  3. Is anybody interested in teaching my BT char healing? I assume only dedicated and asha'aman know this but at this point I'll even accept a yellow trying to explain with saidar
  4. In interest of fulfilling the Reds' agreement with the Black Tower to bond Asha'man, I'm looking to bond a Warder with my character Jagen. She was previously bonded by Aslan/Jakar, but his writer seems to have left DM. So I was given permission to dissolve that bond, which I did ICly by having Jagen and Aslan pass the bond(s) to an NPC Red. Jagen does have interest in being bonded to an Asha'man, however, and not just in interest of keeping her word to do so. Those who wish to bond need to be willing, of rank, and of course, not bonded already. :)
  5. Just to... have a look around... observe... ask a few innocent questions... :) Anyone available for RP?
  6. WELCOME! Welcome to The Alliance boards - the Out-of-Character home for Role Players with characters in the Band of the Red Hand, Wolfkin and Black Tower. Members can currently apply to be any level of character (from new recruit to decorated veteran) within any of the Alliance divisons. If you want to join our ranks and write, please do - the steps to joining are easy, and RP'ing with this bunch is a lot of fun! WHO'S IN CHARGE HERE? The Alliance RP Group Leader: Cass All Powerful Dragonmount RP Admin: Taymist Contact one or both of us any time via PM or via email: BotRHDiv@dragonmount.com FAQs WHAT IS RP (Role Play)?? WHERE AM I? WHY AM I HERE?? HALLLLLPPPP? I WANT TO WRITE A (Band of the Red Hand/Wolfkin/Black Tower) CHARACTER - HOW DO I GET STARTED?? Basic Steps Application Guide and Email for submission WHAT ARE THE ALLIANCE GROUP HISTORIES? WHERE DO I RP???
  7. Looking to start an RP. Anyone need anything from an Asha'man?
  8. Where are we at in the books? Is the BT website still a good resource for history? Since I can start at max rank I need a bit more information and things have changed since my days here.
  9. Hello all, I am in the process of making a man who can channel who, as of his bio, is just setting out from his village in Arafel to meet with the BT agents in Tear. I wanted to check in and see if there was still active players that were part of the black tower as we sort out a work around or a home for my chara. If you're a Black Tower member please reply to this thread, just so I know if anyone still plays here and so I can plan and develop my chara. accordingly. Thank you so much for your time. :)
  10. I just want to state I would be HIGHLY interested in that!! :D
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