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  1. I don't like listening to music with words while reading. I left lotr playing on TV once and was thinking about the books. The music was from the March of the Ents scene and it just gave me the perfect picture of the last battle with rand and all the channelers slowly embracing the source and linking up till they end up looking like a tower of blazing light. It was awsome

  2. I don't know if this has been mentioned and im not sure if its even in books 4-6 but at some point Nynaeve is being "bullied" by the sea folk to see if she can break out of their shielding from the source. If in not wrong (which i might be) Im sure on the last try Nynaeve felt an edge to the block similar to what rand used to get out of the box when he was trapped. I don't know if this ever gets mentioned again or if im taking it way out of context but could she have almost discovered how to get out of a blocking from the source? and don't the forsaken keep "magically" getting away from them even when shielded?? I will try and go through the books and find a ref. but it will take a while


    Thats my 10c worth

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