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  1. Lol ur tech more of a noob then me. Ive been a member since like oct bt i only got involvd a week ago. I made an acount to ask a question lol
  2. In your rules in mentionings channeling warders and gentling in the same sentence. I think ill just become a aes sedai
  3. It was that there are two diff WT. I was on my phone so i get no info about you other then your nameb thats why i thought you were in SG. If I become a Warder I wonlt be able to channel right.
  4. Im so proud of myself cos i noticed that without having to be told lol
  5. I might as wel just wear a flashng sign. noob. Can i join WT as wel as SG? I prob would hav chosen WT bt SG had one of their people get to me first lol
  6. I thort u were SG lol. That explains it. Im male so the white tower is kinda out for me
  7. I was always going to tip u cos u were polite. I was just going to blindly trust u not to lead me astray lol
  8. do i detect a sinister nature hidden under ur sweet, innocent smirk
  9. I think the pit of doom is too strong for a starter so rocks of SG it is
  10. Ill order that as long as my decapitation is slow cookd and could i get a round of torture for everyone in this thread. My treat!
  11. I don't like listening to music with words while reading. I left lotr playing on TV once and was thinking about the books. The music was from the March of the Ents scene and it just gave me the perfect picture of the last battle with rand and all the channelers slowly embracing the source and linking up till they end up looking like a tower of blazing light. It was awsome
  12. It just doesn't feel like RJ's style to take something so meaningless like a peach poisoness cos he doesn't like them. He's not that petty
  13. I dnt know how or why the peaches thing would be so important, but i do think that might be a part of the thing noone seems to have noticed. Why would RJ have made mention of this fact three of four times if it wasn't important. Of all the things he could change in Randland why peaches? There must be something behind that, especially since we hear it from more then one character.
  14. What about having a sort of link to people you heal? That could be important
  15. I don't know if this has been mentioned and im not sure if its even in books 4-6 but at some point Nynaeve is being "bullied" by the sea folk to see if she can break out of their shielding from the source. If in not wrong (which i might be) Im sure on the last try Nynaeve felt an edge to the block similar to what rand used to get out of the box when he was trapped. I don't know if this ever gets mentioned again or if im taking it way out of context but could she have almost discovered how to get out of a blocking from the source? and don't the forsaken keep "magically" getting away from them even when shielded?? I will try and go through the books and find a ref. but it will take a while Thats my 10c worth
  16. Graendal is dead. There is almost no doubt about it. I wish she wasn't she was my fav forsaken but oh well. If she did come back and turn Rand all psyco again it would be awesome but RJ and now BS don't like to repeat things. I still liked the dark Rand
  17. O Fortuna is a medieval Latin Goliardic poem composed early in the thirteenth century, part of the collection known as the Carmina Burana. It is a complaint about fate, and Fortuna, a goddess in Roman mythology, is a personification of luck. Anyone seeing a connection other then me. Fortuna/Fortuona Just my thoughts
  18. I have one. When a channeler is turned by the circle of thirteen, if they are bonded (have a warder) does the bonded person also become converted to the shadow or just compelled by the bond to do evil deeds and say nothing?
  19. If theres one thing ive learnt its that RJ never puts anything in by accident. I bet he knew eackly how powerful balefire was when he wrote it andf thats how he intended it to be
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