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  1. Luckers, what are the chances you could start a poll, people who would prefer two books over one for AMoL, especially after all the plot threads left dangling in ToM... Also, good to see you running the show. *back to lurking, and watching.*
  2. Hi guys. Spotted this on Brandon's twitter. Some dude: "...Will we see more from Shara or the Land of Madmen?" Brandon: RJ said there would be no major action in Shara. He was uncertain on Madmen ...Hmm? Uncertain? Very nice dodge of the "No" response expected. A very Aes Sedai answer. Two points: ONE, as a writer, he would have read the entirety of the notes RJ left in order to write the two books he has already, and would have read if the action heads to the land of madmen or not. TWO: Having read these notes, even if he is uncertain of the specific plot details, he would remember if the story had a section set on -ANOTHER CONTINENT ENTIRELY UNREVEALED BY NOW- Speculation: There is -a- plot detail, minor or major, that could be resolved by either intervention from the Land of Madmen, or by action on the continent itself. Given the above two points, by Brandon saying he is uncertain if RJ sent the story there or not, it really means he is uncertain if HE will be able to fit or otherwise include material already jotted down about the LoM. He has said everything RJ has written will be included, but I take this to prose he has written, not things like (for example) Demandreds army is from the Land of Madmen. It would be up to Brandon to decide to write a scene in the Land of Madmen with him collecting his army, or for the army to appear on the main continent assumed to have gotten there previously. Also, earier, someone mentioned a big old list of predictions for AMOL, including the little word in edgewise intoning that if every plot point got a chapter, it would be an insanely large or two parter book. Hows this fit in then: Some Other Dude: ...RE: AMoL, I hope there will be tonnes more Tuon/Seanchan? Brandon: There will be more than ToM. ...how much was in ToM? Half a chapter? Also: Dude the Third: Will AMoL be centred on Mat? Rand had tGS and Perrin had ToM Brandon: It will be pretty equal Interesting. Shame for the Mat lovers though. ...Discuss!
  3. I don't know if this is a spambot, or a really sad moment in a failed attempt of one man to reach out and communicate with another :'( Hey, free pills! Seriously I don't trust that link.
  4. http://members.casema.nl/e.f.delaat/Dragon%20Con%20day%202.html Very interesting... this quote from DragonCon in 2005, and the opening paragraph for ToM leads me to believe that maybe there could be at least a small portion of this new book having a scene from the Seanchan continent in it. I seem to remember a quote from BS saying he picked Towers of Midnight because he thought it was poetic or some such wording, and always kind of thought that meant there'd be new Towers of Midnight, "in their new center of military might, with the forces that were beginning the consolidation before the conquest of Randland." But starting off the winds in the original location puts a damper on that, unless it's just a teaser. Edit: My bad not poetic: 13th book, 13 towers, perhaps a circle of 13+13 somewhere in this book? /insane theory
  5. So, with a few hours to go, I just checked the vote count and Rand is winning by only NINE votes. Get to it, people!
  6. Sounds pretty damn awesome, actually. I'll check this out.
  7. Stop stealing my fanfic ideas! Brandon knows. We talked about it this weekend at Minicon. And I know Jason has talked to him too. He's got to complete his revisions on THE WAY OF KINGS by tomorrow, but if he has time, he'll try to post something. Finishing revisions is kinda big news. Nice one Brandon. I'm pretty excited about the new series.
  8. Clearly the green fire bullcrap wouldn't stop Rand. He has control over nature but not man-made fire? That's ridiculous. [glow=red,2,300]Rand[/glow]
  9. Makes sense. You gotta start one to end one, right?
  10. Hey man, I waived a bank fee. Bank Fee. I'm waiting for the Nobel Peace prize...(Heck if Obama can win it...)
  11. Heres the rub, I have a tendancy to blow stuff up willy-nilly. I'm actually quite concerned at the explosion count in my current story, but thats for another thread. So I lied... Just trying to make a good impression here!
  12. Aparently it's God Moding... I just calling it being a God!
  13. ed: if only it was that easy. Oh, the F7 button is always there, but who has time for that kinda thing! elgee: I don't beleive I've had the pleasure *extends hand* I'm one of those nice ones, that don't go insane and blow up the world ;D (Don't ask ed about my blowing up world activities, actually... :-\)
  14. Actually you are correct good sir. Anything and everything, otherwise nothing. But if there was a line, you toed it. And did various other things. Some of which are illegal, in most states.
  15. I'm spellchecking and revising as I speak! Thats the irony!
  16. Yeah and I claim to be a writer... ::)
  17. Why can't we not be sober? Instant win on the Tool reference, and welcome!
  18. Demi, whats zupdog? ;)
  19. *cough the writers and artists and crafters guild is always awesome from writers cough* ;)
  20. Here we go... People generally arn't charged for coming in to the bank and taking out money, unless they have some old-as-dinosaur account and need to update thier banking. things like international transfers, bank cheques (not your own cheque book...), and various other teller services above and beyond day to day stuff are the things I don't charge for. Also if someone comes in and has a halfway decent excuse as to why they havn't paid thier credit card on time, i'll waive late payment fee's and such. In regards to banks charging fee's a general trend? They are probably too high, yes. The problem is there are extreme pressures to return profits for shareholders, and in stead of banks trying to lead the way and cut prices, everyone hides behind everyone else and undercuts each other by negligible amounts in an effort to be the cheapest. Anyway, I'll wait for the next round before continuing... :P
  21. I work in a bank, and as the manager I very rarely get a chance to jump on the computers and work the teller line, but when I do I charge absolutely ZERO fee's to the lucky people who get served by me, for stuff like bank cheques and whatnot. It's a small thing to me and the bank, but in the area I live in $10 can go a long way.
  22. With the failings of the uneducated v the strength of the knowing theme, it's a safe bet that any knowledge repository would have been seen by now, considering we are 12/14 books done. Also, most of the knowledge and learning 'plot' if you could call it that happened around the time of Asmo for Rand, and with Siuan for Egwene during the Salidar plot. It's a very safe indeed, Siuan/Verin, any number of Aes Sedai has had ample opportunity to pipe up with the fact, and they havn't. If it happens, I'll send every member of DM 20 bucks...(don't tell Brandon that)
  23. It's been said that the timing of the next book will overlap a little with TGS, presumably this includes Perrin and co meeting Galad/getting info etc.
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