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  1. Yep, it's summer, and I'm off backpacking round the European mainland for a month - England for 10 days, then Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. Hurrah for Interrail! ;D So anyway, that means I'll be on LOA for a while ... I expect to find the Tower in one piece when I get back ;) See you then!
  2. Woohoo - congratulations to you both, Dwyn and Sham! I know you'll both do wonderfully! :)
  3. This is me - although I have had my nose pierced since it was taken. ;D http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/Talhonjik/n714441294_448712_7301.jpg It's Photobucket, hope that's all right ...
  4. Yes, I'm taking a LOA for a while - in fact, probably until the middle of September. First I'm going to one country for 4 weeks, then home for 5 days, then off abroad again for 2 weeks ... I might try to nip round here a couple of times, but basically, I'm pretty much away until the middle of September :(
  5. Yep, I'm taking a LOA until the 16th of June - the excitement of having my first mentee become an Aes Sedai was too much, and I need a break. ... No, actually, I'm going abroad with my choir - if you're in central Europe in the next ten days or so, look out for me! ;) See you when I get back!
  6. I will speak on Leane’s behalf. My first mentee, Leane, was a hard-working member of Dragonmount from the very start, and has been really active (a lot more than me!) ever since, fitting in straightaway. Where would we DMers be without the wonderful Chocolate Rooms, managed for a long time by Leane (no small task there)? Who would have welcomed so many newbies as nicely as she’s done? Greens, you got a great addition to your Ajah when you got Leane – she’s been active and hard-working and so sweet, as I know she’ll continue to be. She’s been a great first mentee. Congratulations, DM (and especially the Greens), on our latest Sister, and congratulations, Leane – you’ve really earned your shawl! *end formal mode* *hugtackles her mentee exuberantly* Congratulations, Leane, I'm so proud of you! :D It's been great having you as a mentee - and you know that, even though it's not formal any more, I'll always be your mentor. Keep up the wonderful work you've been doing at DM. *stands around looking smug and proud of her mentee*
  7. Congratulations, all of you! I love Raisings ... and congratulations especially, Leane! My mentee's growing up so fast ... *huge hugs and sentimental sniffs* Anyway, congratulations, you're a great addition to DM, all of you! :D
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