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  1. Semirhage gives us a very plausible theoryin KoD: that the LTT in Rand's head is a construct caused by Rand's madness but one that is real nonetheless. The LTT is an aspect of Rand's personality that became disassociated from the rest of him but it seems that Semirhage says that it is the aspect of himself that corresponds to Lews Therin. I know taking one of the Forsaken at face value is always risky but i don't think she was lying and it makes sense. I also have to agree with Luckers and Ares that it doesn't really matter whether this LTT was technically the real LTT. Either way it was a
  2. I think the point of the whole comment was, indeed, a joke. Well, depends on if you're prefer having a horse or a hormonal chick around, and just how much of a weird guy you were.. What happened to ur scary mustache avatar???!?!?!?!!?!?
  3. RJ's answer to this was it depends how strong the balefire is or something like that.
  4. Well, it's only called the True Power by the Shadow. Maybe the Light could make a less confusing name for it xD
  5. I don't know what she has to do so I kept it as vague as possible going with being close to Rand and other.
  6. I doubt she poses as Accepted or Novice because Alviarin saw her in skirts that weren't white or 7 color banded.
  7. Didn't someone already post an RJ quote in this thread saying that less than 1% of people who can channel have the spark?
  8. Verin states in LoC chapter 11 in her PoV that five of the Two Rivers girls with her have the spark. She sees this as an abnormally high number of sparkers.
  9. I believe Verin or Alanna mentions that only a few of those Two Rivers girls have the ability inborn (a number they are still excited about).
  10. I've tried to read the Silmarillion twice. I'm gonna go for a third try soon I think.
  11. There are far more learners than sparkers. We're talking about a ratio of learners to sparkers possibly in the hundreds here. Not only does Renna say there are always more sul'dam than damane, but we have only heard of one sparker among the Asha'man.
  12. I think Faile might kill Perrin if he allowed himself to be bonded.
  13. That's a big assumption about success rate among applicants.
  14. I hadn't noticed the thing about Naeff. I'd assumed something dire had happened to the sisters sent to the Black Tower (thinking 13/13 here).
  15. Fun fact: Japanese cities of the time were huge because of heino bunri. Pretty much anyone not working the rice paddies was forced to live in a castle town.
  16. Phew. I thought I was gonna have to adjust my world-view for a second there.
  17. Yes that one, which combined with the 62.5% figure (if I understand it correctly) seems to say that a far lower than average number of the novices would be able to earn the shawl.
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