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  1. "You should be thinking about ways to defeat the Oath Rod. There is a way to do it." -Brandon Sanderson
  2. My impression was that the reason Mesaana wanted the dream ter'angreal was to keep the hall from meeting with Egwene. Of course, that and her wanting to play with the ter'angreal aren't mutually exclusive.
  3. Alright so I mentioned way earlier in this thread that the thing about spirit being the only thing you can channel in your sleep was bugging me. I just thought of an interesting idea. What would happen if you took the Oaths while in a waking trance such as the one Egwene was taught by the Wise Ones, or the one you go into when using one of the dream ter'angreal that requires channeling? You can still channel spirit and speak, but most of your awareness is Tel'aran'rhiod. I don't know if that would necessarily negate the action of the Oath Rod, but I think it would at least do something fun
  4. ... That's actually an awesome idea! You've gotta have a Bella award in there somewhere too :D And the Bela lifetime achievement award goes to Mr. Ares...
  5. Narg award if made obviously has to be for smartest poster Verin award for mindless prattle
  6. It's not about the voice. It's about Lanfear not knowing a thing about Mat's relationship with Else, like Luckers said.
  7. Brandon pointedly did not rule out Lanfear ever being "under any shenanigans," so I think it's very possible she was boosted. The 'finns need not have done it though.
  8. The problem with that is that Brandon seems to be hinting that Mesaana actually beat the Oath Rod. Also, it could be that the AoL Aes Sedai knew of whatever method Mesaana used to get around the Oath Rod and would have been watching for it if they bound Semirhage.
  9. Assuming Mesaana can spin reversed webs there are myriad ways I can think of of making the Oath Rod ineffective. I don't know how many of them would work, but it seems to me I'm on the wrong track. Usually when RJ hinted he hinted kinda hard. I'd assume the same would go for this hint from BS. I feel like I'm missing something, which frustrates me because I was able to see a lot of other stuff coming. For some reason I keep thinking of how the Oath Rod only uses spirit and how that is the only element you can channel when you are asleep, but I'm getting nowhere with that. I guess the mai
  10. Yeah A Song of Ice and Fire is terrific. I don't see too many similarities between it and WoT other than that both are really really good.
  11. I pronounce them how the glossary says to although sometimes I catch myself thinking or saying ale for Aiel. The pronunciations seemed odd to me at first but once I'd looked up how a few words were pronounced I was able to guess any others I came across pretty accurately as RJ was pretty consistent in this matter imo.
  12. Yeah the thread seems to have been created in a fit of petty meanness but I've seen Fish post a lot and although sometimes it is hard to read or understand his stuff he is a nice and thoughtful guy and I think it's pretty hard to have a beef with him.
  13. Why would you have trouble remembering them and why are they supposed.
  14. Then maybe they figured out what RJ meant when he said "They may remember the supposed effects."
  15. In one confusing part of one of the books Mat says something to the effect that he had some of his old memories before he went through the doorway.
  16. Seems to me there are too many things in books 4-6 and BS just said that to make us go crazy.
  17. If consulting was required does that mean RJ himself was ambiguous about it?
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