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  1. Obviously this would erode the Dark One's power because then anyone could use his voice for random words.
  2. Haven't read any of the material for AMoL that hasn't been released for free, but so far it's kinda up and down. I actually kinda like Brandon's work. My main complaints are Mat and the vocabulary, and I've had those since TGS came out. I think the attitude towards Brandon has definitely shifted negatively, and I think Brandon saying that it is all due to people reacting to his work being placed above RJ's is kind of absurd. I do think he is correct in that the majority of the criticism comes from hardcore fans, but that isn't very relevant and there are hardcore fans defending Brandon too
  3. I have a related observation: From A Crown of Swords, Chapter 21: Swovan Night From Shakespeare's Macbeth, Act V, Scene VIII As you can see, the phrasing in these quotes is very similar. I noticed it the first time I read ACoS but never really thought much of it until I saw Terez's theory on Rand being ripped out. I thought maybe RJ had just liked the phrase or subconsciously used it or something. Now I think it might be there for a reason. The witches in Macbeth told Macbeth that he could not be killed by any man of woman born, thus convincing Macbeth he would not
  4. WWWwombat


    You don't need a program to play. A lot of games start with votes that are cast for frivolous reasons, so if the early voting seems silly to you, that's because it usually is. Voting usually becomes more reasoned rather quickly though. By the end of Day 1, people are usually voting for legitimate reasons.
  5. While we're talking about Mass Effect, we might include Commander Shepard him/herself. There are some pretty funny videos on youtube of Shepard being a jerk.
  6. Interesting thought. Don't think it will come to anything but interesting nonetheless.
  7. A Dance With Dragons was underwhelming imo. Still in my top 5 for this year, but I was spoiled by the first 3 books =\
  8. RIP. I don't particularly care for a couple of his covers, but most of them are very good and I think the stuff Jen said about what kind of person he was matters a lot more. I also hope that my copy of AMoL has something of his on it.
  9. I like almost all of the characters. Rand definitely frustrates me a lot. I never got the Egwene hate.
  10. No it didn't. But Egwene is combating the Shadow as best she can. The White Tower, having a basically a monopoly on saidar and strong political influence, needs to be unified.
  11. Egwene had to deal with a cold war between Aes Sedai factions and a Seanchan attack. Expecting her to immediately be able to deal with the threat in the Borderlands is ridiculous. Some people are just looking for reasons to dislike Egwene I think.
  12. Bad idea, Ananta. The library and used books suggestions are good.
  13. I've never seen the idea that LTT mindtrapped himself before and tbh I like it. It's unlikely imo, but it is interesting that both Rand's birth and his integration with LTT (or "LTT" if you prefer) happened on Dragonmount. I don't really have a stance on Real vs. Construct because it doesn't really matter much to me. I would probably like to believe that LTT is "Real" but even if he is a construct, that doesn't make the personality any less valid or real imo. Also, do people still believe in Taint Barrier Degradation?
  14. I thought Elantris was great but found Warbreaker pretty meh.
  15. I think you are expecting way too much from a 400 page novel. Also, I thought Yueh was pretty compelling.
  16. I would hate to see Jon end as a villain. Some insight into the Others would be nice and I'm not so sure things are as black and white as many would like (R'hllor and Azor Ahai both seem kinda not right to me), but Jon ending a villain would be horrible imo.
  17. We need a rep button I actually kinda liked Quentyn. Was sad to see him go.
  18. Hmm. I always thought that the Knight of the Laughing Tree was Howland Reed but Lyanna makes sense too (and like you say maybe even more now that we know her prowess with arms). When I first read the scene with Jon getting stabbed, I was as pissed as I have been at an author since the Red Wedding. Then I went to Westeros and saw people theorizing about salt and smoke and felt kinda hollow because Jon coming back seems kinda lame to me. Then again, we have seen similar things. Jon coming back to life better be done very well. If not it will be really lame.
  19. *puts an apple in his mouth*
  20. ASoIaF seems a bit inappropriate for HS to me. It's not that kids that age aren't aware of language, sex, and violence, but they probably shouldn't be exposed to it to that degree in school. Haven't read Martin's novellas and short stories so I'm not sure about those. I agree with Kadere about teaching the classics. Don't just pick any fantasy novels; pick ones that stand as really good literature. Beowulf (actually got to read the Seamus Heaney translation in my Brit Lit class), Malory, and Tolkien would be my choices (and they could all be worked into a more conventional Brit Lit class
  21. Read much further and still not hooked like I was on the first three books.
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