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  1. From his own site: Rowling was/is not an original author, but she was better handling that theme than Rothfuss. That's a quote taken from an Amazon review. That's not even close to evidence that Rothfuss' work is derivative. There are definitely similarities between Harry Potter and Kvothe, but Kvothe is 8 million times more interesting. Also, Rothfuss lampshades and inverts a lot of common fantasy tropes while Rowling plays them straight. And his prose is much, much better.
  2. Also, given RJ's background in nuclear physics, I can't help but note parallels between the cosmology of the Pattern and the Bohm Interpretation of quantum mechanics.
  3. It's been a while since I read it, but it felt to me like Rand was using something akin to TAR abilities to light the pipe. Which is somewhat interesting given that neither Rand nor Lews Therin were actually dreamwalkers. But Moridin was. And Rand was able to manipulate Moridin's dreamshard (allegedly because it was close to TAR). Perhaps the link/bodyswap combined with the highly cosmological nature of the last battle and the function of TAR as the third constant of the Pattern has given Rand some limited ability to influence the Pattern directly.
  4. I have a feeling he'll beat HBO by a nose.
  5. She was born in 705 NE, so that would put her at 295 years old as of pretty close to the end of the series.
  6. They probably didn't care overly much imo. Rand had just sealed away the Dark One again and everyone was busy mourning the Dragon and giving thanks for his sacrifice and their continued existence. Also, Cadsuane knowing the truth and becoming the next Amyrlin Seat could probably explain a lack of effort in tracking him down afterwards.
  7. Their mutual attraction is quite clear before they part in Tear. That being said, the marriage thing, although heavily foreshadowed, was not heavily developed. Another thing to remember though is that this is not exactly implausible given the events of RJ's story. Mat is strongly ta'veren and was present at the proposal, and Thom had just demonstrated a willingness to die for Moiraine. Both of them are getting up there in years and keenly aware of their own mortality. It was definitely sudden, but then again, this is a fantasy series about the impending apocalypse, so I don't find it unbe
  8. Thom. Breane Taborwin. The list goes on.
  9. Let's not forget Lan, Morgase, Mat, a good deal of Far Dareis Mai, Myrelle, most of the nobility of Ebou Dar, etc.
  10. Because prostitution is the formalization of using sex for gain so it's tangentially related at best. Also, I think that quote Suttree provided shows a rather naive viewpoint by RJ. I'm surprised tbh. Prostitution is obviously very open to being used to exploit women, so a more gender-equal society would no doubt have very different dynamics regarding it, but to say that prostitution would be unknown in any human society that had developed currency seems rather silly to me. Horseback riding can break the hymen. Not really related. I have no idea why sweat tents or raids would be sc
  11. I wouldn't say the concept of prostitution is unknown so much as RJ just doesn't feel like writing about it. And it's quite common in world history to use sex for political ends.
  12. I'm pretty sure it was that the horn was unbound from Mat when Rahvin actually killed Mat and then Rand balefired Rahvin. At least, the Heroes seem to imply so when Mat talks to them.
  13. Tbh, I think most people in general hate math. You'll probably find more women expressing that opinion though as it's part of the typical Western academic gender role or whatever nonsense is behind it. I wish it weren't. Even if you love math like I do, it's not fun to be in a 90% male math or physics class. It's depressing.
  14. When you say things like this it makes it hard for anyone to take you seriously when you actually have a point. It wasn't a tactful way to say it but it was honest. Imagine for a moment the amount of instances this is "reported" on the internet. Now realize that these women are talking about your father, your brothers, your uncles, your grandparents, your cousins, your friends, your friends relatives. Do you think men as a whole are so classless that this happens on a daily basis to so many women? I'm sure it does happen but the amount that people says it does is hard to believe especial
  15. When you say things like this it makes it hard for anyone to take you seriously when you actually have a point. For instance, your thing about pro sports is good. It's hard to make people watch the WNBA when most women can't dunk. Player salaries are largely determined by demand. That being said, the most popular sport in the US is football, which, with the utter disregard for player health that the NFL shows, is about one step short of a blood sport. Some people will take advantage of other people no matter what. The fact is that women still have remarkably little power in Western
  16. I would name this a Kangaroo Court but I would not wish to insult my marsupial brethren.
  17. I was thinking Tom Brady for the Dragon Reborn but I guess he can be Lan. Either way, Montana is Lews Therin. Adrian Peterson is an Aiel. Bill Walsh is Madoc Comadrin. Bellichick and Chip Kelly are Great Captains.
  18. If my memory serves, Rand burned himself out sealing the Bore. I believe his thoughts in that scene said as much.
  19. Rothfuss is amazing. His characters are fascinating and his prose is elegant.
  20. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
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