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  1. Thank you, Arath Faringal - Ive been looking for that for a week! You know, just as an aside, ive always suspected that most of us have done nothing but marvel since regarding the way this revelation changed the course of events. Fish
  2. The conversation between Cadsuane Sedai and Min wherein Min reveals to Cadsuane about ''The Box'' and the actions of Elaida's Aes Sedai towards Rand at the end of LOC? Fish
  3. Kathana - Ive enjoyed reading this site for many years. Its been a very nice diversion during some tough times. Great community and Forums. Fish
  4. Mr Ares, im with you. I think though, that for me, i like that sense of suspense about certain characters and the whole 'Will they live or will they die' feeling. I will say this: That while Jordan is NOT 'quite' as frequent in killing major characters as some of his contemporaries, i still highly highly doubt that Rand, Mat and Perrin all 3 live through TG. I am not basing that on anything - just a feeling that it seems unrealistic and unlikely. But, then again, it could be a bit more realistic if for no other reason than the fact that they are each Tav'eren may assist greatly in that matter. Should be exciting to find out. Fish.
  5. Apologies - this was originally posted in the wrong place. Majsju - I must say im a bit startled by a few of your statements. You have - for a long time - been one of the most accurate people here when it comes to facts about this series...So, maybe im misreading you on two points of yours that puzzle me. Perhaps im misreading you. If so, I apologize. Lets look at them: ""And WOT was never planned to be a trilogy, and definitly not one single book. RJ envisioned 5-6 books pretty much from day one."" This is well-known lore at this point, and discussed many times on this very Forum. TEOTW was an attempt at a fantasy novel on James Rigney's part (though he had a long story in mind all along - even knowing the last sentence of the end of the last book from the earliest stages) In describing his idea to old friend Tom Doherty, TD loved it so much that he signed RJ to a contract for a trilogy. AFTER, in its EARLIEST stages, the conception was for a Standalone). Once into the trilogy, RJ, saw a possibility of finishing in '5-6' books. This led to a contract with TOR for a second trilogy. Halfway through THESE books, he realized it wass still growing. At this point he began signing a seriess of one-book deals with Tom. He also began saying he could finish 'in one or two books' - he then, later, began refusing to guarantee anything, UNTIL KOD, when he PROMISED only one more book no matter what. THAT is the background... Now, as for the following statement: "Why should theyt be referred to? The Eye is gone, Someshta is dead. The people who where there have a couple of far more important things to worry about than something that is gone." LOL. The entire theme of the series is the continual re-emergence of the past as the wheel continues to spin back out significant elements of the past...and id certainly consider the events at The Eye to be 'significant' - now, if you mean that in a literary sense, there is no need for constant reminders, redundancy (and i don't mean in a bad way) is a trademark of Jordan's style - through the series constantly mentioning events from past books... Fish
  6. Edit: Oops, this should have been - and is now - in The Eye of The World Thread.
  7. I think this is a very interesting topic to look back on. Has anyone else ever noticed that after the first book (except maybe in early book 2) neither The Eye Of The World or The Green Man are ever mentioned again...so different from every other significant thing in the series is which is repeatedly repeated, to be reduntantly reduntant. Never is there a better example of how originally the series was meant to be one book (possibly a trilogy) early on than some of the things that happened in book 1 that are just never referred to again. Fish
  8. Exactly Kadere...With the exception of Rand, Mat is (well, tied with Perrin) THE SINLGLE-MOST MAJOR CHARACTER IN THE SERIES - LOL!!! RJ was famous for giving RAFO about questions regarding minor characters and storylines...it just always seemed bizarre and out-of-character to me that he talked in later years so freely about Mat and Tuon's future. It ticked me off initially...then, the more i thought about it - and to this day - it just seemed so weird for RJ. And, you are right, there are still plenty of surprises in store, but now knowing what happens to General of the Forces of Light (especially pre TOG scenes) and one of the most important Ta'veren to ever live...it just seems like a bit of a let down in a weird sort of way. The series is still Awesome. Jordan is still Awesome. I still can't wait for TGS...this is just my opinion on one aspect of it. Fish
  9. Now, RJ can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes, and im hoping that his family and widow are continuing to hang in there, though obviously they still miss him - heck, we still miss him and we're just his readers, not his family! But, the one thing he did that always upset me (but i know he didn't do it on purpose) was when he would talk about Mat and Tuon in future books set ten years after The Last Battle. Ummm, isn't that sort of like just saying "Don't worry, you don't need any suspense about this one - Mat and Tuon make it just fine, they don't die and theres still a world left for them to inhabit ten years later...?" Again, i love rj, its just this particular *action* of his always stuck me as very very curious...and out-of-character considering how famously tightlipped he always was about character's futures...(RAFO, anyone? lol) Fish
  10. Thanks Padraic - ive seen some of the famous debates on this subject going on here for years...ive just never believed in it being an 'either-or' deal...and MANY on BOTH sides of the debate here have fallen into the 'either-or' category...almost like, regardless of which side they believed, they were willfully drinking the kool-aid Semirahge was handing out and just twisting it for their side. I don't think she was lying, but ive never liked how Semirhage presented her analysis in KOD. I think they can be very separate from each other and don't HAVE to be interlinked or mean one thing or the other. LTT is real. Rand hears the voice of LTT. - These facts don't have to be a part of Rand's insanity - or effects of the taint for that mattter. Rands not the most stable guy around and i highly doubt that just removing LTT's voice from his head is going to make Rand the posterboy for Mental Health... To sum up what has always been my position on this: 1 Yes, there exist such things as effects from the Taint. 2 Yes, Rand hears the voice of LTT in his head. 3 Yes, LTT is real. 4 Yes, Rand is insane. ...No, none of these 4 facts necessarily have to have anything at all to do with each other or any of the other 4 things listed... Yes, each of the 4 facts i listed CAN and DO work independantly of the other 3... My view. Fish
  11. Cherise, im with you...i do not and never have thought LTT to be a product of any insanity on Rand's part. Do i think Rand is the most stable fellow around? Of course not. I think hes far along the edge, but i don't think he is 'insane' in terms of hearing voices. LTT is real. I have never understood the debate. I mean, the reader was already made privy to the fact that LTT is real long beforehand anyway. As for Logain...id like to see him get a chance...hes the posterboy for 'overshadowed' ...(rand, taim etc...)
  12. My fault...why did i think the question about the ability to lie was more on Mor and Siuan? Obviously Tamra is no accepted int hat scene...the only thing i can think of is what so many others mention...and that it is so hinges on the 'intentions' of the person making the statement..and maybe Tamra just felt so vitally inside her that lying about that would be serving a good purpose that she was able to wiggle around the inability to lie...thats a really interesting scene because of that now that you bring it up... Fish
  13. Padraic...Optimus Prime...Thanatos...Cherise... Padraic, i was still a very young man when I first read the Emond's Field scenes in TSR and i was totally captivated...they were, by far - to that point - the deepest moments in the series. OP, Yep, Dumai's Wells will always be classic, and I loved the Cleansins too, though, like you, for different reasons...for some reasons The Cleansing scenes are where i finally had to admit to myself that i did indeed like Nynaeve...and it was touching how clear Rand was about the fact that Nyn was one of the few people left in the world who Rand still trusted. Thanatos...Yes, these two scenes the best n my opinion...i just don't compare them into each other because of the massive difference in length...The Deathgates Battle is SO AWESOME and INTENSE, in part, because of how quickly its all over, imo. Cherise, yeah, its just the coolest, i agree. The Ogier running through the halls with their axes, so chilling...Seeing what LTT/Rand did with the Blossoms of Fire and the Deathgates were maybe the most pure 'Bada$$' moments in the series, imo...it was also where i had the scary thought that, from a sanity standpoint, that the Channelers working for the Light may be better off if Logain was in charge and not Rand... - Fish.
  14. Hybird...Padraic...Optimus Prime... Padraic...Good call on the True Power...you know, ive thought about that Moridin Scene in ACOS at Shadar Logoth for years...He insisted to Rand that he "wasn't going to help kill Sammael" ... but, i think he hung around so long just hoping to see that Rand WOULD off Sam. Hybird, I think you nailed it with what Moridin meant. OP, I'm afraid I agree with you...because its scary, lol, to think that the man who was once Ishamael is now saner than Rand - the man all the hope of The Light now rest upon lol! Fish
  15. Deepak...wow, yeah, bust have been brain-freezing badly when i posted my examples...The Wells, at the end of LOC, is only possibly my most reread and favorite part of the whole series (arguably). And, yes, for the sake of length, I would rate it Number 1 in the eleven books so far. The Deathgate Battle is KOD is a very brief few pages...maybe I should say that among the more brief battles in the series, nothing compares to this imo.
  16. Oh, I TOTALLY agree with you that Mor is just as loony as ever!!! ... He does seem just a bit less over-the-top to me though in later books as Moridin...Speaking of the scene you mention: That was always kind of a weird choice of words to me me...'Playing both sides' in a 'game' where there are only two sides (The DO's and The Light) kind of implies that he is also messing around falesly on the side of the Light...and we know thats not true...maybe he should have said "When you're not playing by the rules" or something like that... Listen to me...like im anyone to have given RJ writing advice HAHAHAHA!! Fish
  17. All good points..i think Mashiara sedai brings up the most clearly pertinent one though, imo, they are Accepted at this point in time and have not yet grasped the Oath Rod. Its long been established as 100% undisputable that right up until you hold the Oath Rod and swear the Three Oaths you can still lie your head off if you wanted.
  18. I always wondered about the 'Trolloc Rescue' also...I don't think it was ever touched on again...
  19. I see where youre coming from, Astus...He DOES seem a bit more restrained and 'in the shadows' as Moridin...maybe hes more secure because of the Nae'blis tag? I have to admit...in the original 3 books, i DID find ishy's whole 'Ginat Flaming Mouth With Eyes Of Fire' thing a bit over-the-top, lol - but then again, he WAS ishy then at his most unstable...not exactly a calm and rational kind of fellow at that point! Fish
  20. Kadere...Astus... Kadere, thanks - I had forgotten about the extent of SH's 'interactions' with Mesaana...he does not come off as an exceedingly pleasant fellow, does he? Astus...thats an excellent thought...you are probably right...thought it seems a bit subtle for loony ishamael...he was always crazy...he left the subtelty to The Spider... - Fish
  21. That is my opinion. I didn't post this though because its my opinion; I posted it because after all the years of reading and following and enjoying this community, I have always and continuously been shocked by the lack of mention here about this scene being the greatest extended fight in the entire series. I don't believe its my opinion just because its the most recent either. Im rereading and have gone back to earlier books and I still feel this way - by far, though other battle scenes certainly are worthy contenders...such as: 1 Well, take your pick from FOH...it has a bad rap for bing boring, but from a military aspect it is fascinating. Mat's first battles with what would become the Band and Rand stalking through the palace after Rahvin... 2 The fight scenes in the Two Rivers in SR come to mind as do the scenes with the Seanchan at the end of POD, as well as the 'Falme' scenes in TGH. But, for me, nothing beats the pure awesomness of 'Blossoms of Fire', 'Deathgates' and of course, "Up Axes!" - which gave me chills. Thanks for discussion.
  22. Thank you. Because I had been mixing up Mesaana and Moggy in my mind in relation to SH, id forgotten the extent of the rape on Messana. Another thing that was presented as a mystery to us in that book, and also puzzled Aran'gar was the fact that a number of chairs had been made available that was commiserate to the number of original chosen, but, as Aran'gar (and all of us readers) knew, many of the FS had been toasted by that point. Moridin was aware of this too. Did he just make too many chairs available out of habit or a mental mistake?
  23. That is a direct quote from Aran'gar's perspective on page 141 of the U.S. mmpb. I understand that there is very little reason to associate this with her 'recent demotion.' As always, if covered previously and missed, apologies. Thanks for the info and discussion.
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