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  1. Let us remember that it is now documented : The vast majority of Egwene in TGS and TOM was written by Jordan. For what it is worth. Fish
  2. I was replying to the first post on this page at the top. Fish
  3. Finnssss! My fault! My post was NOT responding to YOU! Fish
  4. Did we "think" Sulin or Tam were in two places at once? Did we think that Mat had never, EVER used "bloody ashes" before? Did we "think" up those interviews where Brandon publicly admitted he wrote Mat poorly? Did we THINK up those those countless typos in TOM? Did we THINK up that mistake in Chapter 2 of AMOL concerning who can initiate what between men and women. Did we "think" up the interviews where Team Jordan admits that TOM was a "rushed product."??? I know what I "think" about your post, but because I like posting here I will *only* "think" it. ;-) Fish
  5. Thanks for the update, Peter. I am bothered a bit by some of what you said, but, as always, appreciate your efforts and honesty. Fish
  6. Yeah, like I said, for me, Pre-TGS, there are clear motivations and subtleties at work when Cadsuane finds herself in a ... situation. In WH the only reason she ''breaks'' Aleis is to free TDR. Its not personal or petty or temper. In chapter 23 of COT. when Elza stands in her way, we see her mentally and calmly go through the entire situation one fact at a time while attempting to formulate a course of action. In Winter's Heart, she ONLY snaps AFTER having sat there and taken it and taken it from the Windfinder - and only after the WF invaded her personal space and touched her without permission. And then she only ''threatened'' those dire actions - she didn't physically do them.THAT is how I view Cadsuane. ... But...in TGS, there was no precedent, co clear build up...just BOOM. Fish
  7. Olver_is_a_Forsaken - don't you know that EVRYTHING on dun intraweb is the very most SERIOUS of Bizness?? ;-) Viperwish - I son't know if I can agree with you that they just don't hand out advance copies...the crew around HERE (/Tor and TL) sure seem to get PLENTY!!! LOL. (Jason, Terez, Matt, Leigh, etc and ETC) ;-) Fish
  8. Ok - I just found another example of what some of us here are referring to as Cadsuane's ''traditional'' behavior. It is from Chapter 23 of COT. Cadsuane finds herself in yet another confrontational situation - this time with Elza. Before just going off on Elza, she methodically and calmly goes silently through what I like to call the ''Cadsuane Encyclopedia'' - reviewing Elza's standing in the Power, the possible reasons behind Elza's behavior (desire for Rand, which she discounts due to Min's presence) etc...she is pondering how best to deal with the sithation when she is saved from having to do so by Alivia. THIS is Cadsuane. Yes, characters CAN act out of character but they are still who they are and there are almost always reasons shown WHY they acted OOC. At least when written well. As I said before: I am in nooo way saying that Cadsuane had never shown tendencies that could be called ''Bullying.'' I think a big part of the problem is understanding fine differences between Bullying and Anger and recognizing that there is such a thing as Righteous Anger. I also think - for me at least - the thing with Cadsuane and when she ''goes off'' is much about HOW she does it, WHEN she does it and WHY she does it - as well as how it is **portrayed**, authatorially-speaking. And this goes back, I am sad to see, to a word that has been done to death in larger issues here and that word is ''Subtle.'' - I don't see many people here denying any longer that Brandon Sanderson just is not quite as skilled as Mr Jordan at depicting characterization *subtley.* - Unfortunately, that problem probably would be most exposed in Mat, Nynaeve and Cadsuane - IMHO. What is odd - though I am happy about it - is that I feel Sanderson did a fine job with Nyn. Cads and Mat - not so much. Now, regarding ''The Scene'' with Cadsuane Melaidhrin: We get three big examples of her ''going off'' and I feel the first two are great example of why the third is indeed ''off'' or out of character. 1 When she ''breaks'' Aleis in WH that could be seen as ''Bullying'' - but look at WHY she does it. It is NECESSARY. They are holding captive the saviour of the world. And - read the text - she nicely ASKED first. She gave Aleis CHANCES. She resorted to her BIG BAD CADSUANE act as a LAST resort. 2 - In WH with that Windfinder. Cadsuane sat there and took it and took it and tok IT. When she had finally had enough, and only after the Windfinder touched her without permission, did Cads go off. And she only threatened. She did not actually DO anything to the WF physically. 3 With Tam, it was not NECESSARY, she had not been pushed and pushed and pushed, the world wasn't ending, she did not go through her mental encyclopedia of who she was dealing with FIRST - as she has done with Verin, Rand, Aleis, Dobraine etc and (as Suttree pointed out) Samitsu. She just out of nowhere went all Bully. It was very disapointing. She is far too much the intellectual for that and has a history of handling things far differently. The Cadsuane Melaidhrin that I knew since Book 7 would have been DISGUSTED at ANY Sister who couldn't comport themselves well enough to not use the Power against a man like Tam Al Thor. She would have that Sister back in Novice White if she had to drop everything else to do it. This conversation is more and more seeming to come down to how Cadsuane is...presented...and, in a book, ''presented'' means ''written.'' And, I'm sorry. I am SORRY, but I just don't find Brandon Sanderson to be the writer that Robert Jordan is. At LEAST, to be fair - on WOT. Someone recently posted something from another Sanderson book on here and I couldn't believe it! Im not saying it was a masterpiece but it was far superior to anything I have seen out of the guy. I couldn't believe the sample posted and TOM were written by the same guy. The sample had depth, subtely and thoughts and atmosphere telling the story rather than cheesy, childish dialogue. Just shows how tough writing someone ELSE's stuff can be, I guess. Fish
  9. I see. Thanks, Terez. Just to add: Ive seen a lot of people comment recently on LB's...style...specifically in her reviews. She is paid to entertain. And what is known as "The Tease" has become a huge part of all entertainment mediums. As someone on Tor recently said, Leigh herself will be the first to tell you that consistency and journalistically accurate analysis are not her strengths or what she is all about, but if you enjoy her special brand of wackiness - dig in!! ;-) Fish
  10. Please share why Linda...chose to abstain. If that reason is yours to share, of course - though I see no reason why it shouldn't be? Just to be clear: Reviews have nothing to do with my desire to read the book. Nothing will change that. I enjoy reviews because I enjoy getting several different perspectives on things I am interested in. Punishing Pat seems weak. And petty. He messed up. BIGTIME. But - that can't be changed. Not allowing his review THIS year means either you don't trust that he has learned from his mistake - or you just think he deserves punishment. Its probably way more about his Mat comments and daring to be one of the first to ask Brandon The Tough Questions. I in no way am implying that the cutting back on pre release/reviews for AMOL is linked to a lack of quality, I just really like reading reviews and different opinions. Fish
  11. Well...I remember the last two books reading tons. Also in either someone's post here (or maybe the audio interview that Jason did - I listened to the whole thing)...it was mentioned that it was being held back. Even from the Betas. That Leigh and Mr Denzel's may be the only reviews "allowed" - who gets to decide that, btw? Id like several pre release reviews of AMOL. Will I get them? Am I the only one who remembers reading tons in previous years? What's the deal this time that makes it different? I would hate to think that it was because of what was said about Mat - especially by thst one guy. Pat somebody? What is the thought process? Fish
  12. I really enjoyed the Talmanes sequence - EXCEPT for the blatant 4th wall break. Felt too much like authorial indulgence to make a point. Fish
  13. If Westerns - or slow pace - do not happen to be your thing then W&G is a tough one. Book five is tons of fun however and I love the first three immensely. Fish
  14. Most finales are terrible. Dark Tower was...Perfect. Star Trey TNG - was excellent. That's about only good ones I can think of. Fish
  15. Awesome lilltempest - AND you just reminded me of that scene in TDR when Perrin gets a peek at Moiraine sans shawl ;-) Fish
  16. RJ Mat is to Brandon's Mat what James Bond is to Inspector Gadget. Fish
  17. How do you write this scene with subtlety? She has lost control and is at wits end, this is not a subtle situation. What you do is make the impact of that felt. You want to show how this situation has even a 300 year old Aes Sedai known for her toughness stressed? You show that. Rather than have ridiculous, out of character quotes from Min about Cadsuane typically wrapping people in the Power, you have Min note the shock in everyones faces that Cadsuane had lost control. You show Min herself wondering how bad things must be to have Cadsuane so on edge. Then you weave in Cadsuane's ability to eat crow when needed, and have her make a genuine apology to Tam when she lets him free, rather than have her grunt. In short, you do what RJ did. You weave in PoV comments, character reactions, etc. to set the right mood, and get the idea you want to across. **Claps** Fish
  18. Wow. I'm sorry but I have to strongly disagree with this. Fish
  19. Suttree, I was also excited about the delay. What has soured me is the possibility that either that delay was not after all for the creatively altruistic reasons we were told - or that it may not have been used to its maximum potential. P.S. Welcome DS Gamer!!! :) Fish
  20. Or, just go to ''This Guy's'' thread and start at page one, lol. Or google it, lol. Or hit Theoryland.com. Or check out Terez's sublimely awesome WOT Interview Achive Index and read some of Team Jordan's own comments. Fish
  21. Someone above mentioned Nynaeve and UNO!!! - The more I think about that the more potential I see there for COMEDY GOLD!!! Seeing a bit more of Thom and Morgase would have been neat but I am mostly happened the old gleeman ended up with Miss Damodred. One I haven't seen - anyone think Setalle and Mat would have been something else, lol? I always got the sense that she looked at him more in a *maternal* way but Cougars are all the rage now days and Mat WAS always checking out her You-Know-Whats - LOL!!! ;-) Fish
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