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  1. Well. I'm just going by statements released over the years by either BS or TJ and they have said the Tower of Ghenji sequence (what I call "the last few Mat chapters in TOM) were almost all RJ. Brandon has also publicly said "Seven-Striped Lass" was all him. The rest is harder to "confirm" though I feel very sure about my guesses. I have a long list of confirmed "Who Wrote What" for the last three books that some OCD Detective work the past 2 years has gotten me. Ive never posted it out of respect to DM and Brandon/TJ but I'm glad I have it and don't mind when it comes up in conversation like this. Yes, I agree that ''Seven-Striped Lass'' was almost TOO ''Mat'' (As Brandon was obviously trying to say: ''See?? I CAN write Mat!''), it was still a welcome return to many familiar elements of Mat that was sorely needed after TGS. The ''Bloody Ashes'' thing bothered me hugely on a number of levels - not just how jarring it was to be reading all of a sudden, but, also, how, after all his talk about being sooo reverential and respectful of how Jordan had developed his world, Brandon just decides that HE wants some of the language to start evolving and changes one of the main characters favorite expressions in the last book(s) lol!!! ... It was very weird. Fish
  2. All of ''Seven-Striped Lass'' was written by Brandon. All of the last few Mat chapters in the TOG were written by RJ. All of the ''Mat-Elayne/Perrin Interaction'' stuff was mostly Brandon. I would LOVE to know who wrote most of Mat's parts BETWEEN ''A Seven-Striped Lass'' and him metting up with Elayne and Perrin. I would REALLY LOVE to know who wrote most of the duel with the Gholam. I suspect it was Brandon. Brandon made it sound like a lot of Mat in ADDITION to the TOG stuff was Jordan, so, after the stuff I know for sure it is hard to know the rest. I know that I liked Mat's first chapter (''A Seven-Striped Lass'') and felt like Mat was more himself in that chapter though I understood why some felt the ''looking at women for his friends thing'' got old fast. It didn't bother me that much. ''A Seven-Striped Lass'' was the very first pre-release sample chapter that was posted for TOM. It was personally selected by Brandon because he felt proud of his writing of Mat in that chapter and, for the most part - and especially after TGS - I heartily agreed with him. I loved the Gholam duel. While the TOG sequence was a bit...anticlimactic...feeling, it was still very good. Fish
  3. Niall and Cads ARE perfect, I agree. ... So, too, would have been Niall and Elaida, lol. Also - how about: Tam and Setalle? Oh, wait! I keep forgetting that Setalle is already married - and apparently very in love with her husband! Fish
  4. With Moiraine, it was one of the very first times ever Rand had used Balefire. You are always more severe when punishing actions that have been repeated and repeated. Also, at these stages in the series. Moiraine had the type of relationship with Rand that she COULD get him to consider her instructions without more extreme means being necessary. With Cadsuane, it was deemed necessary. Now, we can debate whether or not it WAS necessary, but Cadsuane FELT it was - and that is the whole point. She did what she felt was necessary. Again, nowhere have I seen it argued that Cadsuane can not potentially BE bullying in her behaviour - the argument by some of us has been that it is never arbitrary and is only when she feels it in a necessary last resort. I personally have listed several examples of this claim. Using the Power on Tam was in no way *necessary* and that, imo, is the crux of the whole matter. As always, JMHO. Fish
  5. This page is killing me, LOL!!! / I don't think I have ever seen words like "objective, subjective, proof, evidence, fact and opinion" so misunderstood and misused by so many. ;-) Fish
  6. I had worried one mystery that might be unknown was who sent the Trollocs aftter the Tinkers in LOC. But Maria seems to imply that she DEFINITELY knows that one. Fish
  7. Its pretty solid reasoning that Fain ordered some of his pet Fades to round up a bunch of Trollocs and attack The Manor. Except...Fain has always seemed to want to try to kill Rand personally. If not Fain, HAS to be Taim. Forsaken or Black Ajah just don't make any sense. Fish
  8. Well, for one thing, this is not unknown to him. Brandon knows exactly what THE VOICE is all about and says so in the "Chat With Brandon Sanderson" on July 10 2010. When asked if we will find out about it in AMOL he traditionally answers with a RAFO and a big smiley face - which I doubt he'd give if it wasn't going to be revealed. Fish
  9. Birgitte only likes ugly guys lol. Hmmm...Mat only has one eye now...JUST LIKE UNO!!! ;-) Fish
  10. I am sorry; I am not sure why I can't get that darn link to work ... When you go to the page with the link, just type "unresolved" in the search bar and hit return. Its the second entry. Fish
  11. It is under ''Entry #2'' http://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php BRANDON SANDERSON Mr. Jordan listed some mysteries in the notes that are NOT to be solved. Perhaps you should try to guess which ones. DOPWENSJ Are they not explained, or are they explicitly noted to refrain from releasing the solution? BRANDON SANDERSON Some of each. There's one that I really wish I knew, but he didn't tell anyone, and said no answer is to be given. Fish
  12. I agree with much of Dom's post as well. I love Cadsuane and hate her scene with Tam. I have always said that, imo, the three most complex WOT characters - and therefore most likely difficult to ''get'' as a reader or get RIGHT as an author - would probably have to be Mat, Nynaeve and Cadsuane. Coincidentally three of my favorite characters. They are just so different in personality than ,ost of the other characters. One of the few things I have heard Brandon say about Mat that I agreed with is that Mat is an untrustworthy. Most WOT characters are plain-spoken and say what they mean and mean what they say. Mat, Nynaeve and Cadsuane are walking contradictions. They are often saying one thing, thinking the opposite and DOING something yet still different than what they are thinking and saying, lol. They are beacons for chaos and complexities and it is a shame to see what has happened. Of the three I have been the LEAST disappointed in Nynaeve under Brandon. I am very sad for what has happened to Cadsuane and Mat. Cadsuane was never a bully or one to randomly lash out like she did at Tam. Against the windfinder in Winter's Heart she had been pushed to the limit - and then only lashed out verbally. She did not follow thruough physically as she did on impulse with Tam. Against Aleis in WH she ONLY gets so big and bad because Aleis would not release the Dragon Reborn/. And Cadsuane had given her several chances. And even then she uses the Power on the CROWN, not on Aleis herself. In COT (Chapter: Ornaments) she is accosted aggresively by Elza and goes methodically through a mental list of choices before acting out. This is her history. Now, if you want to say: ''But we ALL act ''out of character'' at least ONCE in our lives - can we just chalk this up to Cadsuane's one time?'' Sure. BUT. Then we have to get into the EXECUTION of how it was *presented* and the hamfisted, jarring way that Cadsuane was shown in that scene just left so very much to be desired for me. Fish
  13. Thanks for the quotes, Old Pal !!! They really seem to clearly show that Mat himself is very much incorrect about what happened to him. Mat did NOT die in TSR but he himself still feels certain that he DID. Fish.
  14. I used to have these awesome fantasies of Mat, Rodel, Lan and Davram dividing up all of Team Light's forces and each leading a fourth with Perrin Generaling the wolves. Obviously, none of that will probably happen now :( Fish
  15. Sorry; couldn't resist, lol. Welcome, Glennm!!! Good to meet you. This is a fun place. Very cool that you have started the WOT series and are so far into it. If I might make one suggestion: Pay extra special attention during the POV Sections of the main characters. Jordan was very crafty and specialized in slipping little details about mysteries into character's POVS. Ive reread the series a zillion times and sometimes I feel like I still miss stuff. Terez is right. Dig into Cadsuane's POV's. They are some of my favorites. Especially ''Ornaments'' (a chapter in Crossroads of Twilight) and ''Wonderful News'' - which is in Winter's Heart. Explore the Board and keep us up to date on your reading! Fish
  16. Jeez. All I want for Christmas is the Double-Posty Bugs all exterminated from Dragonmount! Fish
  17. You got it!!! Cadsuane is the Aes Sedai in the WT and Loial is Demandred!!! ;) Fish
  18. I hear ya, Yonster. This might be filed away like when RJ said that characters - even Moiraine - don't always know what they think they know, lol. Fish
  19. Yoniyo - RJ himself spoke on it though. Mat has it backwards here. Or Brandon does. Fish
  20. I have a question. Earlier I was rereading TOM - the chapter titled: ''A Seven-Striped Lass.'' ... Mat is thinking to himself that he ''had already died once.'' He thinks this as he fingers his scarf that covers the scar he recieved from being hung. There are old RJ quotes where RH states that Mat's ''death'' came at the hands of the lightening in FOH and NOT by the hanging that gave him the scar and the need for a neck scarf. So, why is Mat thinking this??? Fish
  21. Corwin....your Number 4 is the main one I feel we are being set up to be majorly let down on. It will be very disappointing. Fish
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