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  1. LOVE IT! (Especially the sky and the hilt of the Dragon Sceptre)


    Three Points:


    1 Im stunned at the number of ''not near as good as Sweets'' posts. To say they seem slightly disingenious after all the years of bashing Mr Sweet...Weeeeell...Instead of a Hit and Run post just saying ''not near as good as Mr Sweets'' how about supporting that? Do you feel Mr Sweet's use of perspective, color, proportion, detail etc are better? Anyone who knows anything about art knows that Whelan's color blows Sweets away. Appreciation for art can be subjective but the fundamentals are concrete. Use of color, proportion, etc. Mr Whelan is far superior.


    2 Nynaeve chopped her hair off in TOM so there is no more ponytail. Also, Sisters dont wear entire cdresses matching their Ajah's color so the yellow dress isn't that big a clue. More telling would have been a green dress with a yello shawl or yellow-fringed trim.


    3 I dont see a blue gem in Mr Whelan's drawing. Im not convinced that is Moiraine.

  2. Two quick things.


    1 How in the WORLD do you not have the (co) author of the LAST book (brandon sanderson) actually AT The Year of the Dragons Jordancon??!


    2 I more than understand errors, typos etc...but it is really HUGE to get wrong WHICH BOOK IN THE SERIES the FINAL one is lol. Its 14. Not 13. LoL.




  3. Dear Dragonmount and anyone from Tor (who, disapointingly, dsallowed feedback to this news on their site - what is THAT cowardly act all about???) who may be perusing this;


    I have ONE question and one question only for you in response to this news, yet, before I.ask it I simply ask that a read of the comments above mine be performed...the comments where:


    Trench says he "can't be too happy" and Elgee refers to being "miffed" and MyKillK ask if this news is an early "April Fool's Joke."


    I think I can stop there and still get the jist across. ... Now. My One Question:


    Brandon, Harriet, Tom, Tor, Tor.Com, Dragonmout....did ANY of you people have ANY clue how angry many would be when this was released?


    That is my question.




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