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  1. Adaira knew she should have seen her coming. Instead, she almost stumbled on the woman and scattered all the papers she had been carrying all over the street. Angry at herself, she knelt to pick them up and hoped none of them were too stained from all the mud or her mother would kill her... Those were VERY important papers, she knew. Oh well, there's nothing I can do, except pick them up as soon as I can, she thought and sighed. As she was coming to her feet again, she heard the woman say "Excuse me child. I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time. I'm trying to find an inn called the Wandering Ways. Could you direct me?" Child? She knew she was short, and for that most people thought her to be much younger than she actually was, but the woman before her wasn't that much taller than her. Only then she realized that the woman had asked for directions as well. "Wandering Ways? Uhmm... It's almost right around the corner... Just turn left here and walk to the main street and the turn right, the inn should be right there. In fact, I guess I could come and show you the way... Wandering Ways is easy to miss if you don't know what you're looking for." I just hope mother won't be too mad at me if I'm late for dinner... And she turned to lead the way hoping the woman would follow her closely. Even on her homestreet accidents happened, cutpurses did their work and with all the people you could get lost very easily. As they walked towards Wandering Ways, Adaira became sure the woman behind her wasn't a Domani nor had she ever lived in Arad Doman. Though she looked like one in her well cut green dress, her walk wasn't right... Oh, she walked very gracefully but she didn't slide her hips the way every Domani woman had learnt to do as soon as she was out of the little girl's robes. And her speech wasn't right either, it was clipped, too fast and a voice of a woman who was used to get what she wanted right then. Not the soft and enticing kind of voice the Domani used to make people think it had been their idea all the time. Maybe a Cairhienin? Her mother had taught her to recognize people from the other countries and there were always plenty of those around where they lived. Well, what else could you expect when most of the city's trade was focused in this part of it? And then they were there, right next to Wandering Ways. "Here it is, Mistress. Wandering Ways, the inn you were looking for" she said smiling. Now, maybe if I run, I can make it home before dinner and mother will not say anything about my being late... But no, the woman still had something to say.
  2. Faile is ok... I guess. Sometimes... But could someone please stab Berelaine? :P
  3. Hi, and welcome! *gives sunflowers*
  4. I see you Duinn! And welcome to the Dragonmount! In fact, orgs are not like roleplaying at all... The point of orgs is to be your own very self, only with a DM nick. :) 'Just hang around and have fun' is the motto of most of the orgs here. The easiest way to get to know them all is to visit them! Go and say hello to everybody, and sooner or later you've found your place among them. To join the orgs 'officially' go to your usergroups (on right) and apply to a group. Then you'll get the access to the private boards too. If you want to know more about RPing, you should ask at the RPing boards. :) Just be openminded and friendly to everyone, visit the orgs, I'm sure you'll do just fine! :D Make sure to drop by the Aiel too... ;) 'Larmie
  5. I like Min the least of Rand's trio, because she's so manipulative and I don't think she's ready to share him the same way Elayne and Aviendha are. But then, Elayne and Aviendha are my favourite characters, so that may be a biased opinions. :D Has any of you considered that if Rand lives through Tarmon Gai'don and they'll continue living happily ever after, Min will die about a few hundred years before Elayne and Aviendha? Maybe he wants to spend all the time he's able with Min as she's useful and he's going to lose her soone r than the other two.
  6. Hey Rive! Welcome to DM! :) I'm from Finland, and my English is far from perfect too... but really, don't worry about it! As long as you're understood, it's fine! :) Be sure to check all the orgs! ;) ps. you may want to check the size of your avatar... it's quite big. :P
  7. Nooo!! Another Cleo? *faints* Nah, I'm just kidding. :) Welcome! I hope you'll have a good time with us! ;) (And make sure to visit ALL the orgs! ;))
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