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  1. Alrighty then! Sorry I'm late, I've been a busy little bee and haven't had time to get over here. Here goes. What was: I found the WoT series when I was about 11 yrs. old. I think I read the first 6 books in about 2 weeks. It was summer! Absolutely fell in LOVE with the characters and plotlines. I've always been an avid reader, but WoT is by far my favorite. Unfortunately, my library didn't carry any of the newer books, so I didn't get to the next books until 10 years later when I found them online and bought the whole set, including New Spring. Only one problem. I couldn't find anyone else who had read the books, so I went searching. What is: My web surfing paid off and I ended up at DM. Here I met some awesomely CRAZY people (Greenies!) who made me laugh and became my friends. I started hanging out with the Greens and they totally rubbed off on me. I haven't been by as much as I should, but I'm hoping to change that. What will be: My goal in the future is to spend more time with my neglected friends here and at the Green Ajah page. They have accepted me into their hearts and I hope one day they'll deem me worthy to become one of their Sisters. I can't wait to be Aes Sedai ~Arianna
  2. OK I know some of you won't know me, but I've been around for a little while. Hi to all the Greenies that do know me and to everyone else who doesn't. So sorry I missed my Arches!! Can't believe I did that! Comp on the fritz and so much going on lately. Hopefully I can get on those here pretty soon. I'm really glad to be back. ~Arianna~ :P
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