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  1. Preparing to be away for a few days. War crimes!

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    I do think that it was a fun read, stronger than Elantris - though I don't think it matched up to Mistborn in terms of plot and characterization. There is a bit of, well, "convenient" plotting in Warbreaker, which may break the suspension of disbelief on a reread.
  3. The first was... Decent. Not terribly good, but not appallingly bad, either. The second managed to reach "bad" - it was pretty much a one-note story on how much the protagonist hated himself. The third redeemed the series for me: it was actually very good, if not up to the standards of some of her other books. To me, the Dragon Keeper duology was much more disappointing. She sets up an interesting journey, possibilities for discovery and conflict and perhaps genuine growth... And does nothing. Even the character development in places seems forced, which is a shame.
  4. She's lovely! Hope your wife gets better soon! :)
  5. Yup, Sirayn, I've read it and loved it, though not quite as much as some of (his) others. And yes, I'd thoroughly recommend Going Postal as well.
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