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  2. Thanks for the write-up! I was there and one of the few that had not read AMoL yet, so I was grateful that there were no spoilers allowed in the Q&A session. I don't know who made up that trivia sheet, but damn was it a tough one. I got most of them, but some like the Trolloc and Shara questions I had to look up in the Glossary. The tattoo picture that was posted looks pretty awesome but I'm not certain what it was portraying besides the Aes Sedai symbol, Avendesdora and the scale. Didn't get there in time to play with the clay or anything but I like the art that was made.
  3. Thanks for the write-up! It was quite a long read, but I'm grateful to see an exact transcription so nothing was lost in translation, so to speak.
  4. My best friend was reading The Dragon Reborn when I was in fifth grade. He lent me a first edition paperback of The Eye of the World, and even though I wasn't able to grasp everything that was going on in the book at that age, I still fell in love with it.
  5. Welcome to the boards! What, you like all the cover art? I like a few of them, but the eBook covers are just superb. That said, the unused cover art for AMoL was Sweet's best one, in my opinion.
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