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  1. ack@!!!!


    I could really use the Million dollars....


    but I wanna know how it ends...


    but a million dollars could buy me skilled writers to fabricate an ending for me that would satisfy my craving to know what happens....


    or I could just write the ending myself...


    then again...I have waited so long for most of the books that I have strated to lose some interest in the ending....my own endings are pretty satisfactory....


    But I think I will always burn with curiosity....


    I'd choose.......


    *brain explodes*

  2. I, Sheliara a'Dahlin, sister of the Red Ajah, will speak on behalf of Danya for her raising to full Aes Sedai, as her sponsor!


    I did not know Danya in the Tower at all, but I have known her rather well in the Band of the Red Hand. I have seen her rise in the ranks and gain positons positions very quickly, and she excelled in each of those roles.


    She is an archer of the highest caliber, and I suspect, will be an Aes Sedai to be remembered! With her cheerful disposition, and sweet personality I could not help but jump on the opportunity to speak on her behalf. The Blues have a found a real jewel, I only wish I could have persuaded her to go red!


    Now, with that done..


    *snugglebites, and showers her with Cherry Bomb Bandy*


    (since I am not on a band board I can do that!!!)


    ((also, it isn't the permanant kind, just the 3 day kind))

  3. Twinnflower...I offered, and the offer still stands. I love you like a sister, and I love Steel Axe in a special way, without him, I would have never met you, and I will be honored to share his bond with you, should he accept.


    *hugs her sister again*

  4. I met Twinflower a while back in an msn convo. She and I hit it off really quick and really easily. I met her in person shortly after, in Oklahoma City. We decided from then on that we were sisters, we just hadn't known it til then.


    It has been a while since we met, and she has simply been a jewel. I have found we are so alike, and we have such a connection, that we have decided to bond as sisters.


    *sets the bonding weaves over her sister's head*


    I, Sheliara a'Dahlin, loveingly, and most heartily swear to always stand by the side of my sister, Twinflower. To always look out for her, and be her shoulder to cry on, or a friend to laugh and have fun with. I will always be there for her, and protect her when she is in need of protection. We are as one, each complimenting eachother in the way that only true sisters can.


    I also swear to practice my Nursing skills on her with reguard to the fact that she is my sister, and do my best to refrain from such treatments as amputation and euthenasia with her. I will treat her wounds with the love and kindness that she shows to her own patients, as my 1st Assistant, no matter how hard it is for me to do so!


    I will help her find her way in the Band without getting into too much trouble, help her with points, and rules, and anything else she may need help with in the band. Together...we will be unstoppable!

  5. thanks everyone!!!!! *huggles her new bonded*


    I think I will keep him line....well....most of the time anyways!


    (by the way just FYI, Tess....I am Some Random Reddie, just in case y'all were wondering hehehehehehhee)


    so now it prolly makes even more sense!!

  6. I swear to also protect you from anything that a sword cannot defend, and with my powers should your life be in danger! I will watch your back, and stand by you in brawls and other times of trouble!


    *lays the weaves over his head, and lifts him to his feet revelling in the wonder of the sensation that bonding brought*

  7. I didnt think this would happen with me. I have been in the WT for well over a year, and never actively sought a warder. Until this funny warder came to the Band of the Red Hand...Steel Ax. He's a little rough around the edges, and a troublemaker (definately) but after a while having him as my Toy...I have finally decided to bond him, and convinced him he really wanted it!


    So Steel Ax...Do you come to be bonded willingly, and with no threat to life or limb?

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