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  1. 2019 Note: We used to award Ogier Steins for various achievement levels in the Ogier - last awarded was 2008, where does the time go?
  2. Ooooo, that worked well! My koi pond, lower middle is a dragon water spout.
  3. Thanks for the rules update! I'll submit: Book of Translation
  4. Cindy, could you please go over the rules - for all of the new people. ?
  5. Well it looks like I relocated the Sung Wood to the new stedding site OK. I'll go move some others, but had to the important stuff first *goes and pours himself a pint of ale*
  6. Doing OK, tough getting old though. So, how are you doing?
  7. Yep, still here and still pouring for all who thirst!
  8. *pours Ryrin a tall frosty mug* Good to see new and old faces in here!
  9. Yah, still living here as well - barely. Good to see things picking up in here! * pours everyone a round of their favorite beverage*
  10. Hello Bard Babe!!! It has been a while! So how are things? *refills his old stein with vintage Ogier Ale*
  11. Thanks for the pics! My zucchini are going nuts - already had some over grow and now headed off to zucchini bread land.
  12. So how is everyone's garden coming along? Here's mine so far this year: Six tomatoes and a zucchini; some herbs; raspberries; and blueberries too!
  13. From the album: Jaimelai

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